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Integrated partnerships include gameplay, events and mixers, content series and more

TORONTO, January 12, 2023 – Xbox Canada and Paidia, a women-led gaming, technology and media company, kicked off 2023 by announcing an extension of their exclusive partnership. games and esports.

Since the launch of Paidia beta in January 2022, Xbox Canada has been a proud founding partner and committed to building a brighter future for women and diverse gamers. In 2023, both brands will continue to connect communities through gaming with an integrated strategy leveraging Paidia’s platforms of media and content, tournaments and gameplay, social and loyal communities.

“At Paidia, we are focused on changing the game by building an ambitious brand that offers products, solutions and messages that truly speak to women and diverse gamers, while providing a safe and inclusive space for them to connect and play. We’re also focused on providing a place that’s meaningful,” says Jill. Kenny, CEO Paidia Gaming. “From the beginning, it was clear that Xbox shared the same passion and commitment as Paidia to support women and diverse gamers. I am proud to be associated.”

Given the current state of accessibility and diversity in the gaming industry, Paidia and Xbox recognized the opportunity and need for change. They have proven to be industry disruptors, making games engaging, fun and engaging, and fostering positive social connections. Matt Mamalyga, senior integrated marketing manager for Xbox Canada, said: “Together with Paidia, we celebrate all those who make up the gaming community here in Canada by delivering a gaming experience that everyone can enjoy.”

What gamers can get excited about:

  • Two way mixer: Paidia Gaming, MYNNO and Xbox Canada will host a monthly mixer at Toronto’s Red Bull Gaming Studio to celebrate the importance of gender equality, diversity and inclusion in gaming and esports. Hosted by Camille Salazar Haddaway and Carston Timothy, each event includes a fun gaming experience and an intimate conversation with one of Canada’s most prominent community leaders who are changing cultures and disrupting industries.
  • Tournament series: An ongoing series of tournaments that give a diverse range of gamers the chance to play and develop their skills together with a community in a safe and inclusive online space. Xbox and Paidia have hosted multiple tournaments together, including her Halo series of women’s two-on-two.
  • Esports College Girl: Create an inclusive and safe place for college women to compete at the top of their game. Alongside EsportsU, Paidia and Xbox will host matchmaking seasons and qualifiers to send the first all-female team to her CECC National Finals.
  • Editorial and content series: Ongoing editorial and video content that educates and inspires. Tournament organizers, casters and players work together to provide resources to level up and support.

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About Paidia Gaming:

Paidia is a women-led gaming, technology and media company that has created an inclusive gaming community where diverse gamers can connect, learn and play safely. Founded and supported by women, Paidia is led by industry experts who are passionate about providing sophisticated solutions that encourage positive voices within the gaming community. A fully integrated portal provides a safe environment for gamers looking for a supportive, inclusive and caring community. Featuring media and content experiences, tournaments and gameplay, rewards and prizes, live and on-demand classes, and opportunities to connect with like-minded gamers. Visit

About Microsoft Canada:

Founded in 1985, Microsoft Canada Inc., a Canadian subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq “MSFT”), is a global provider of software, services and solutions that help people and businesses reach their full potential. Leader. Microsoft Canada offers nationwide sales, marketing, consulting and local support services in both French and English. For more information about Microsoft Canada, please visit

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