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World of Warcraft is one of the most popular and sought after MMO RPGs in the world.

Newcomers will find a vast array of mechanics, skills, traits, and content they need to master to succeed in the world of Azeroth.

where to start


Pumping plays an important role in WoW, both as a goal and as a means by which large amounts of gold and resources are collected for a pleasant game.

Characters must be leveled to level 60 to have the chance to go to the new Dragon Islands, and leveled to 70 to reach the current leveling limit for the current update.

You can choose several methods of pumping.

Full story and additional quests to gain experience.

Go to raids and gain experience from powerful bosses that are distributed to all raid participants.

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Choosing a race is not difficult. WoW hasn’t had a mandatory option to select a specific race for a game advantage for a long time. It’s a possibility, exactly, but it’s not as big as choosing races and classes for game content. World of Warcraft allows you to create absolutely versatile characters, relying solely on their attractive appearance.

Don’t forget the new race, the Draktir. A hybrid of human and dragon, it has the ability to shapeshift, move quickly, and attack fire magic targets.


Choosing a comfortable game class should follow two principles: playstyle and preferred attributes.


  • Strength – tank, warrior.
  • Agility – Archer, Beastmaster, Dagger.
  • Intelligence – Mage, Healer.

Fans of close contact will love tanks, warriors and daggers. A class that specializes in high damage and close range attacks.

Mage or Archer are good choices if you want to collect monsters quickly and efficiently and deal damage from a distance.

Fans of playing in auxiliary classes should consider tanks and healers. This is a character that is essential to any group with her extensive PvP and challenging raids.



In addition to pumping, find and accumulate various resources in addition to gold, grow your character, interact with other players economically, and buy and sell important resources to provide gold and useful equipment and weapons. You must be able to

Gold can be obtained by defeating monsters. Ideally, choosing a class that allows you to group monsters together and destroy them with a massive attack will greatly improve your farming time and efficiency.

A second way to earn a lot of gold is to choose two professions related to mining rather than crafting items. This means that while he cannot manufacture equipment himself, he can mine his two types of materials that are useful for certain professions to trade and earn good gold.

From the mining professions, you can choose:

  • mining engineering
  • collection of herbs
  • skinning
  • material tailoring
  • fishing

mining engineering

Use your pickaxe to head to highlands to find and mine rocks. You will receive ores and gems that can be sold to blacksmiths and jewelers.

Ore is processed into ingots and is required to create armor, weapons and tools from metal.

Gemstones are required for jewelry making and are in high demand due to their rarity.

collection of herbs

In the future, explore the locations of plants and flowers useful in alchemy and first aid.

Alchemy is required for the production of potions of various directions of attack and defense. Offensive potions deal damage over time, and defensive potions heal and apply various effects.

First aid is needed as an extra chance to restore health, stop bleeding, and cure poison.


Skinning is the foundation of the leatherworking profession and requires special knives that can handle the hides of slaughtered animals.

Selling skins to tanners will help you replenish the materials that are later used to craft leather gear and bags to carry more items in your inventory.

material tailoring

Magic classes specifically require equipment, but Blizzard made it so that you don’t need an additional profession to get the basic materials for crafting, and are directly knocked out of monsters.

Drops thread and linen, which are necessary for tailoring development and valuable to anyone engaged in the creation of magical equipment.


Fishing is another type of occupation that does not have a separate crafting slot. All players can learn at any time.

Fishing can be done with a fishing rod and bait.

There are two types of fish you can catch: normal fish used for cooking and special fish. Special fish are required for the manufacture of reagents and are not suitable for food.

By the way, the cook belongs to the sideline, like a fisherman, and can prepare various fish and meat dishes to improve the performance of all characters who consume this food for a certain period of time.

The higher the Cook’s skill, the stronger the effect and its total duration.

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