Where does muzan spawn in project slayers: Updated locations

Project slayers is an anime-themed Roblox game based on the series Demon Slayer. This game was developed by his OuwOPP. The game is based on Kimetsu no Yaiba, but is different from the series. It has its own characters and is a non-canonical game.

There are two main types of characters in Project Slayers, the project tier and demons. He is the progenitor of all demons. He can be trusted with all character transformations.

In this article, we will reveal where to find the Muzan spawn in Project Slayer.

Where does Muzan spawn in Project Slayers?

In Project Slayer, one of the player’s achievements is to transform into a demon. For that, you have to look for misery. To find Muzan, you need to identify where he spawns. He spawns in the game and assesses the player some task.

Muzan usually spawns at night in Project Slayers. He can be seen spawning in various locations. Some of these locations are:

  • West of Kiribating Village
  • North side of Ushumaru Village
  • East of Zangetsu Kuuchie’s spawn point on Mount Zapiwala.
  • Entrance to Zapiwala Cave.
  • Entrance to Abubu Cave
  • Outside Butterfly Mansion
  • Near Obayashi Residence

These are where Muzan spawns. He can spawn in other villages as well.

How can a player become a demon?

To become a demon, you must reach at least 15th level. After that, you need to get 5 spider lilies and take Dr. Higoshima to Muzan. A quest given to the player by Misery.

If you successfully complete the quest, Misery will give you some of Misery’s Blood. It will help you turn into a demon.


Project Slayers is a fun and thrilling game. So if you’re passionate about fantasy fiction, this game is a must. We hope this article helped you better understand Project Slayers.

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