What is the global market share of video gaming in 2022?

And that doesn’t even include The Big N

With the end of the year just around the corner, numbers-analyzing companies look back over the past 12 months and recognize patterns, facts, and numbers related to gaming, retail, pricing, sales, and player behavior — and statistics in a new report, NewZoo. Academics offer some interesting reading.

NewZoo estimates the global games market value at a staggering $184.4 billion. It accounts for the majority of game sales on PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. It’s also worth noting that this already impressive number doesn’t take Nintendo’s game sales into account.

Of this total market value, $51.8 billion was drawn from console games, another $38.2 billion from downloaded/boxed PC titles, and $2.3 billion from browser-based PC games. Mobile games, of course, account for the largest share, with total revenue of $92.2 billion. This sector is TiMi Studios’ honor of the kingand PUBG Corporation’s PUBG Mobilecontinues to earn billions of dollars annually from global markets.

When it comes to console games in particular, around 72% of all game sales are digital downloads, with physical releases accounting for only the remaining 28%. This continues a trend we’ve seen over the years, with more customers choosing to buy digital games over boxed versions year after year. Again, this figure does not include Nintendo Switch software. This will likely be the last bastion of game purchases at high street retailers.

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