What Gaming Character Would You Invite To Christmas Dinner

It’s almost time for the best part of the vacation: eating. But as we all know, Christmas dinner is only as good as the company you keep. What is meant to be a convivial and festive feast can be ruined by just one bad dinner guest It’s best to choose wisely who you invite.

With that in mind, think of who would be the best video game icon to invite over for Christmas.

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monster hunter

George Foster, Chief News Editor

When you think of Christmas, you think of turkeys, right? Well, unless you’re a vegetarian, you’re just screwing me a bit. No one in the game knows meat as well as Monster Hunter. Give him a roast he stick and play the cooking theme and hope he knows what he’s doing.

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Dark Souls 2 Crestfallen Warrior

Crestfallen Warrior, Dark Souls

James Troughton, Cross Division Editor

Christmas dinners range from wholesome bonding to family spouting conspiracy theories and racist bullshit. He is miserable, slanderous, and slanderous, and then torn apart. He’s the perfect counter for an awkward Christmas dinner, and his deadpan humor will at least brighten things up a bit. , small crestfallen.

geralt the witcher 3 like

Geralt of Rivia Witcher

Justin Reeve, News Editor

I’ve always been a huge Witcher fan, so I might be a little biased on this particular point, but when it comes to characters I want to invite to Christmas dinner, I can’t think of one. Better than Geralt of Rivia. I always end up cooking more meat than I can eat and I am a literal monster hunter. I also think he has some funny stories and even tall tales. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the music, because Geralt of Rivia will always follow you wherever he goes.

Dragon Age Alistair Inquisition

Alistair, Dragon Age

Rhiannon Bevan, News Editor

Alistair is of The ideal boyfriend to introduce to your family on vacation. He is charming, non-aggressive and loves food. Gray Wardens can also hold a drink, so there’s no embarrassment when knocking back Baileys in a bit of haste.You can also ensure that he brings a cheese board.This is an often overlooked aspect of Christmas dinner, but one that everyone loves to see. is a pushover, so don’t get too political at the dinner table. you One is political and he will likely support you.

Doomguy is ready to fight

Doomguy, Doom

Amanda Hurych, Evergreen Content Lead

Doomguy is the perfect guest for Christmas dinner. I invite him to my holiday party in a heartbeat. He’s been alone for so long that it seems like he was not only the kind of person in desperate need of love and togetherness, but he was also upping the festivities. He was torn apart during a snowball fight. And I’m sure he will give everyone a BFG (big gift). Yeah, Doomguy is the best. easy pick.

A split image of a mom helping to make straws, which is the main menu of Cooking Mama, and a mom explaining how to knead the meat.

cooking mama

Joe Parlock, desk editor

I’m sure you saw this and thought, “Oh my god, she could make a mean Christmas dinner.” But who would invite someone in the hope that they would cook dinner for you? No one asks her if she wants to cook, put her feet up and fuss for change. Cooking Mama needs a break.

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