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The lack of a specific definition of what constitutes sport has led to an ongoing debate as to which activities deserve the status of sport. and solidified its position as a recognized sport.

For example, BMX and skateboarding, once dismissed as mere boring youth pastimes, are now legal Olympic events. A similar pattern is seen in esports, where the term has expanded to include less common means of competitive gaming.

While traditional PC and console games have dominated, mobile and virtual reality are recent newcomers to esports. Originally considered a casual pastime, now professional mobile his players and events are very high profile.

Virtual reality is another example, limiting itself to basic gaming choices while establishing itself in mainstream esports.

Casino games are the latest newcomers hoping to break into the industry. Below, we’ll go into more detail on some of the basics of esports and what casino games must do to be successful.


Focusing on competitiveness is the foundation and most essential element of esports. This usually takes the form of opposing teams, whether groups or individuals, competing to be the sole winner.

Many follow a structure similar to tennis, with teams playing multiple times each. There is usually a threshold number of wins required to win overall, such as Best of 3 or 5.

The battle royale format is most common in games where players compete individually rather than as part of a team. During this format, players must eliminate each other until only one winner remains.

Which games are not high quality esports?

As with traditional sports, it is the world’s fiercest competition that delivers the best entertainment value to spectators. It also requires a fair and quantifiable scoring system, a feature not found in the most popular sandbox games.

As a result, hugely successful games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft lack foundations and are excluded from mainstream esports.

Minecraft is hampered by very basic player-versus-player (PvP) combat, which makes competition uninspiring for spectators. Competitively focused custom game modes exist, but they don’t compare to games that are developed with competitiveness in mind.

World of Warcraft is more focused on loot acquisition than complex combat mechanics, and lacks in-depth PvP. Instead, during the tournament, players will battle against the same AI opponents in no time, with the fastest team winning.

audience rating

A game can only be successful as an esports if it can attract a core audience. The popularity of the world’s top esports attracts millions of viewers around the world, with thousands of people flocking to venues to watch live.

Emphasis on player ability

As with traditional sports, the most successful esports video games emphasize player skill over the element of luck. Adding unpredictability, such as random but deterministic critical strikes, requires a certain amount of luck.

Most traditional sports also have an element of luck that is exciting and affects the final outcome.

However, too much inherent luck is unfair to players and uninteresting to viewers. The most skilled players should generally be the most successful despite the uncontrollable luck factor.

Games such as Fortnite have been scrutinized for the prominent luck aspect of the game. Random loot is scattered throughout the floor, and a lucky item discovery alone can allow players to exceed skill levels.

The most successful esports games are easy to learn but hard to master. A high skill cap should exist so that only elite players can master the game to a pro level.

What it takes for casino games to become esports

Although very different from traditional esports games, casino games have some similarities. The aforementioned popularity and core player base make them very prominent in casino games and provide a great foundation.

Online casino games are a popular pastime on the internet, and slots are especially popular. Sites such as Rainbow Riches Casino have many of the latest and most exciting slot games.

Live casino games have also skyrocketed in popularity recently and are becoming a preferred way of playing for many. This allows players to interact with each other and hope to win more than others at the table, making them more competitive.

In addition, many people enjoy watching other people play at the table, even if they are not participating. In this sense, it’s not all that different from how viewers watch his stream of esports live.

Despite the great emphasis on luck inherent in casino games, some legitimate skill is also involved. Card counting is a common tactic that gives players a dealer advantage.

This is a common strategy in both blackjack and especially poker. This, along with the ability to bluff, gives poker the best chance of penetrating competitive esports.


Casino games meet some of the criteria for esports in terms of marketability and popularity, but they are missing a key factor. Most notably, the outcome of the game relies heavily on an element of luck beyond the player’s control.

However, in its early days, esports itself was also seen as having little relevance as a form of sport. Since then, it has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that attracts highly lucrative sponsorship deals.

Many new activities have gained status as viable and legal sports, and casino games will soon be able to do the same in the world of esports.

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