What are safe CPU temps while gaming?

So what should you set your CPU temperature to before panicking?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022 13:47

The CPU is the heart of every PC and nothing can be done without it, including gaming. Some games require more CPU than others. For example, new physics-based games are much more CPU-intensive than 2D platformers. Also, as the CPU workload increases, so does the heat. What is a safe CPU temperature while gaming?

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As the CPU works, the power demanded by the CPU increases. And if you know anything about electrical circuits, the more electricity you have, the more heat you generate. Therefore, cooling your CPU with a CPU cooler is essential.

What is a safe CPU temperature while gaming?

I don’t want my CPU to go much higher than 85°C in game. This is not a scientifically sound number. It is a number that becomes very uncomfortable when exceeded. The CPU can safely operate at slightly higher temperatures, but we do not recommend using it for extended periods of time.

Safe CPU temperature while gaming

The goal of this game is to keep your CPU as cool as possible at all times. Not only does it improve performance, but it also helps extend the life expectancy of your CPU.

What is unsafe CPU temperature while gaming?

Different manufacturers’ CPUs have different definitions of critical temperatures. Ask AMD and you’ll find that CPU he throttles at 95°C, while Intel says around 100°C.

If any CPU reaches an unsafe temperature, a safety mechanism called thermal throttling kicks in. Here the CPU stops boosting to turbo frequency and lowers voltage and core speed to cool itself.

Can heat damage the CPU?

exactly. Heat can damage any electrical component. However, most components have a built-in mechanism to deal with this, called thermal throttling. However, throttling isn’t the only thing to watch out for. Heat is a silent killer. CPUs and components operating at high temperatures (above 85°C) for extended periods of time will have a significantly shorter lifespan.

The last word

There are various definitions of safe gaming temperature, but the safe range for CPU temperature during gaming is up to 85°C. However, it’s always best to keep the CPU as cool as possible, especially under heavy load. Invest in a good CPU cooler.

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