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Video games are becoming more and more popular every year. This trend is even greater as so many people seek entertainment and socializing during the pandemic. In fact, gaming is now a much bigger industry than sports and movies. In the early days, people were asking themselves, “What should I see?” But today it will be “spectate or just play the game.”

So what is the future of video games? Socially, games will continue to dominate. But what are the technologies that will revolutionize the future of video games? And how will these technologies affect my gaming experience?

virtual reality

Over the past few years, gamers have been fascinated by virtual reality, which offers a fully immersive experience. However, some consumers complain that the technology is too slow to deliver on its promises. And it continues to provide consumers with some excitement.

Virtual reality has to live up to that promise, and tech giants like Sony, Valve, and Facebook are starting to push the technology forward by developing VR hardware and games. There are promising developments on the way, but there are some issues to deal with, such as the high price tag and bulky headsets. am. Other applications.

cloud gaming

The future of gaming could be in the cloud. When it comes to cloud gaming, gamers will be able to play video games streamed from servers far away. It’s like streaming a Netflix movie on your laptop.

In theory, this setup allows you to stream your game regardless of which device you’re using, making local hardware less relevant. Cloud gaming is a subscription service, so gamers don’t need to own physical media, just rent digital content.

When it comes to cloud gaming, a good WiFi connection is crucial for a smooth gaming experience.Some gamers prefer to use VPN for playing games on PCWith a VPN you can play games anywhere in the world.


When it comes to the future of gaming, it wouldn’t be complete without including the metaverse. Apparently, the concept has impressed many tech giants around the world. This idea was introduced in Neil Stevenson’s book Snow Crash in 1992. Think of it as an online cyberspace where you can log in and live another life. In general, the metaverse is a combination of both augmented and virtual reality. In fact, they have their own economics and are fully interoperable.

We’re not there yet, but we see some obvious hints of the metaverse. For example, on gaming platforms such as Roblox, luxury fashion brands such as Gucci host events. Games like Fortnite also give you the chance to dress up like your favorite Marvel or Star Wars character. Additionally, you can watch Ariana Grande in concert virtually.You can also explore Other games similar to Fortnite.

Much like the Internet, the Metaverse can be used for purposes other than games. But gaming expands on that meaning. In fact, it’s no longer a competition, it’s a connection.

Augmented reality

It was 2016 when smartphone users playing Pokémon GO flocked to parks to complete missions. This is an augmented reality mobile game in which digital objects overlap the player’s natural vision. Pokémon GO was the first AR experience for most people. In fact, it’s one of his most successful stories in the tech space, making over $5 billion in sales. The true secret of this game is the combination of real and virtual situations, which are physical locations and digital characters.

This is probably why AR is more popular than VR. People are more interested in games that allow them to interact with reality than away from reality. The success of Pokémon GO could make game studios more relevant to consumer demand for games that combine virtual and reality. The Witcher also has its own version of Pokemon Gobut unfortunately will be closed soon.

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