Virginia State Police launches gaming tip line

RICHMOND – As legal gaming options and opportunities in Virginia expand, the Virginia State Police Department has launched a statewide information line and online form to allow people to report concerns about suspected illegal gaming operations. increase.

If you believe that any form of gambling is illegal, please call our new toll-free number 1-833-889-2300 or report the illegal activity online at Recommended. Game Complaint Form. Anonymous tips are welcome.

If you need to report a general “Charity Gaming Complaint”, please contact the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services at 1-804-371-0498.

games, gambling. We have come a long way from starting the lottery to paying for our education. So what is it all about?

The game includes these 3

We all know what gambling is, just as we know what pass obstruction is in soccer. It teaches us that we are always betting on something in our lives.

So, what is gaming or gambling, legally speaking? We spoke to Game Enforcement Coordinator Sgt. He says he doesn’t just calculate the odds.

“There are three elements to gambling: money, chance, and winnings. I can’t, if that makes sense.”

Mr Johnson points to the abuse of charity gambling, which “includes the embezzlement or misappropriation of funds by these types of organizations, which violates the charity gambling laws we must comply with.” said Mr Johnson. “Unfortunately, we see it. From time to time, there is this kind of financial crime associated with charity games.” It’s not just about crooked bookmakers. That’s when you think the money isn’t going to charity the way it should.

“So you have things like VFW Lodge and Moose Lodge that have bingo on Wednesday nights. These are considered charities that run the games. investigation of those organizations.”

“Games in the Commonwealth are also fairly new, a legalized form of gaming. We’re still learning, and that’s what this tip line is for,” Johnson says. I want people to send me their thoughts and I will certainly take those complaints and look into them.”

How about playing poker with your friends at home?

“Section 18.2-334 of the Code states that there is nothing in the Illegal Gaming article of the Virginia Code that makes it illegal to participate in casual games played in private residences,” Johnson said. says. If there is no operator to receive the money, “just a few friends and family gathered at a private residence like that, the Code does not define it as illegal gambling”.

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Regarding fantasy sports, Johnson said: It means that when people choose to gamble or bet on sports, they do so through a federally approved and licensed operator here.

The Virginia lottery website has a list of all approved operators, Johnson said. “This includes approved sports betting operators,” he said.

All clear? Citizens are encouraged to report anything that seems suspicious.

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