Video gaming has risks. Keep you child safe with 5 expert tips

Staten Island, NY — Many children find a sense of community through the video games they play, but it comes with risks.

With over 24% of U.S. video gamers under the age of 18 and the second largest demographic between the ages of 18 and 34, it’s important for parents to know the risks, experts advise .

Many modern games include online features that allow players to communicate with other players. It’s great for a group of friends to play together, but it’s also an opportunity for strangers to play and chat,” said a technical his specialist at Proxyrack, his provider. . “This can come with a lot of risks. For example, bullying and harsh language are common in these chat rooms. It’s a way of pretending that individuals are much younger than they really are.”

It is important that you check in with your children so that they can play the game in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

“Familiarize yourself with the support options the game offers in case of bullying so you know where to report other players if this behavior continues,” he said.

Tech specialists also encourage parents and guardians to review the content and ratings of the games their children are playing. , it is important to explain why and suggest another game that children can play until they are old enough.

Proxyrack experts suggest these 5 tips to keep kids safe while gaming.

  • Check the content of the game. Most games include content warnings if they contain content or gameplay that may be considered harmful or inappropriate for certain users or age groups. This is also reflected in the age limit displayed in the game.
  • Parental settings: If you check your game settings, you will often find options to restrict online access, taunting, playing with strangers, and in-game online chat rooms.
  • communication: Talk about the games your child is playing. Communication is also essential if you may be experiencing a toxic online/gaming environment with bullying and swearing.
  • Set boundaries: Knowing how long your child is playing games is important because of the risk of developing addictions and addictions.
  • Payment monitoring: Most modern gaming systems allow you to buy games instantly. Do not store payment details in our system. This reduces the chances of your child purchasing games without your permission.

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