VERTAGEAR’s new 800 series gaming chairs bring lumbar support

Poor back support has long been a major complaint and controversial subject of gaming chairs. I am here to answer With a variety of color and size options, you’re almost certain to find a configuration that matches your gaming setup. Here he has two different lines, the S line designed for users up to 6 feet tall and weighing up to 250 pounds, and the P line for users up to 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing up to 400 pounds. . Ready to learn more about these new VERTAGEAR gaming chairs? Then head under the fold and keep reading.

Back support and comfortable seating

VERTAGEAR’s latest 800 series gaming chair includes some big features, so we’ll start with the ContourMax Lumbar Support System. While some chairs use adjustable support cushions/bars, this new system dynamically contours to the shape and movement of your back, helping you maintain a healthy posture at all times. The construction features memory foam covered by VERTAGEAR’s new HygennX cover, which we’ll detail later, and four of his TPE modules with 64 responsive branches underneath, to help stretch your back muscles. Helps you relax. His VERTAGEAR purpose with the ContourMax system is to prevent pain and health concerns.

Alongside this new lumbar support system is the all-new VertaAir seat. Did you know that your chair gets hot when you sit in it for too long? This seat is designed to eliminate that while providing support and comfort. The waterfall seat design evenly distributes pressure across the thighs, knees and lower body, helping to improve blood circulation.The way VERTAGEAR prevents the seat from overheating was inspired by Bernoulli’s principle. are eight hexagonal air columns. These pillars have he four-way air release tunnels that allow fresh air to enter and improve ventilation. The seats here are covered with his new HygennX from VERTAGEAR, which implements coffee grounds nanotechnology in breathable fabric. This allows the material to naturally reduce odor and dry quickly. Alongside this nanotechnology is Solver-coated embroidery that kills bacteria, extending the life of the chair.

all styles and sizes

VERTAGEAR’s 800 series gaming chairs come in four main models: SL3800, SL5800, PL4800 and PL6800, where both the P and S lines come in two different styles. For those looking for a chair with a more minimalist aesthetic, consider his SL3800 or PL6800, which have firm backs and understated highlights. Want your chair to be the centerpiece of your gaming setup? You’ll need an SL5800 or PL4800 with cutouts to accommodate your RGB light kit. All these chairs come in Carbon Black, Black, Black and White, Midnight Blue, Midnight It has the same color options such as green, midnight purple, and burgundy red. This allows the chair to be truly customized to your setup.


VERTAGEAR’s all-new 800 Series Gaming Chair can now be ordered directly from Amazon or their site for a fraction of the price. $349.99 ShippingAmazon is currently out of stock on some models and VERTAGEAR’s website currently lists the PL6800 model as a pre-order with an estimated ship date of January 31st. See below for links to where you can get these new chairs.

9to5Toys take

If you’re looking to upgrade, VERTAGEAR’s new 800 series gaming chairs look pretty sturdy. The quality of a chair like this is unquestionable, but personally, I don’t like spending a lot of money on something I can’t see or try before I buy it. It might be worth checking out our hands-on review of the SL5000 to get an idea of ​​what to expect from VERTAGEAR.

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