Velocity Gaming Was In Talks With Players From NA, EMEA, and SEA

Velocity Gaming owner Manoj said:sentinelKashyap recently spoke about the organization’s efforts to recruit foreign players to its Valorant roster. Sentinel said the organization is looking to sign foreign players and has spoken with more than 10 of her international players across North America (NA), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). ), and Southeast Asia (SEA) joining the Valorant roster.

Velocity Gaming founder reveals organization has spoken to over 10 foreign players

During a recent livestream, a viewer asked Sentinel if Velocity Gaming would be importing a player into their Valorant roster. In response, Sentinel said the organization has considered signing foreign players for its Valorant roster and has even done tryouts. “We were specifically looking for some roles, specifically in terms of support and secondary or primary IGL. We had the option to hire two people.” He said.

Russell, former Valorant pro player for Guild Esports, December 2022.”Russ’” Mendez visited Velocity Gaming’s bootcamp. At the time, the organization did not disclose why Russ visited boot camp. . “We did a lookout. We spoke with over a dozen players from North America, EMEA and SEA. One of the players visited Russel (Russ) at bootcamp.” He said. “We tried options to see if he would do well on our roster.” he added.

Sentinel revealed that Velocity Gaming tried many things, but the main problem that held them back was the lack of information. “A lot has been done, but the problem here is, ultimately, the league didn’t have enough information.” He said. He added that many other regions around the world have already started joining the league and are moving into the advanced stages of the league. This prevented Velocity Gaming from signing an import player on his Valorant roster because the organization was unable to commit to the league itself and thus was unable to give a commitment to a foreign player. .

Velocity Gaming now features a star-studded 5-player roster consisting of all Indian players: Anuj “Amaterasu“Sharma, Sagnik”Helf“Roy, devanjean”death maker“Das, Saksham”deadly 10“Aurangabadkar and Karan”ExcaliVelocity Gaming has delivered commendable performances throughout their Valorant esports journey, winning several top-level regional tournaments including the Valorant Conqueror Championship (VCC) 2022: Stage 1 and the Skyesports Pro Invitational – S2. It will be interesting to see how the roster performs in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2023 Ascension.

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