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Valheim is an open world survival game that has taken the gaming world by storm. The game requires the player to gather resources to craft weapons and armor and build a base. However, finding these resources can be a daunting task, especially for new players.With so many resources scattered around the world, it can be hard to know where to start. . That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help players find the resources they need to survive in Valheim. We provide valuable information to help

Various resources in Valheim and their locations

Valheim has a variety of resources, and here’s where to find them:

Wood is the basic resource in Valheim and is used to craft various items such as weapons, tools, and buildings. Valheim’s wood comes in his three types: plain wood, fine wood, and core wood. Regular wood is the most common and can be found in any forest. Fine Wood is slightly rarer and can be found in the Black Forest biome. Koa Wood is the rarest and can be found in swamp biomes.

To obtain wood, the player must use an ax to chop down trees. The higher the quality of the ax, the faster the player can chop down trees. It is important to note that players should avoid cutting down trees around the base as this would compromise the structural integrity of the base.

Stone is another important resource in Valheim. It is used to build structures, craft tools, and craft weapons. Stones can be found by players in the Black Forest biome, and can be obtained by mining small rocks scattered throughout the area.

Players can also obtain stones by breaking large boulders with a pickaxe. However, breaking large rocks requires a higher level pickaxe and may take longer than mining smaller rocks.

Ore is an important resource in Valheim and is used to craft weapons, armor and upgrade tools. Valheim has his five types of ores: copper, tin, iron, silver and black gold. Each type of ore can be found in different biomes.

Copper and tin ores can be found in Black Forest biomes, and iron ores in swamp biomes. Silver ore can be found in mountains biomes and black metal ore in plains biomes.

To obtain ore, the player must mine rocks using a pickaxe. The higher the quality of the pickaxe, the faster the player can mine rocks.

Leather and hides are resources used to craft armor and other items. Players can obtain leather by killing deer, and hides by killing boars and wolves.

Players should focus on hunting animals in the Black Forest biome, where most of the animals live. It’s important to note that animals can be difficult to kill. As such, players should equip themselves with appropriate weapons and armor before attempting a hunt.

Food is a key resource in Valheim that players need to survive. The game has different types of food such as berries, mushrooms and meat.

Berries and mushrooms are found in forest biomes and are easy to obtain. Players can also fish in the sea to get fish that can be cooked and eaten.

Players can hunt animals in the Black Forest biome for meat that can be cooked and eaten. However, players must be careful not to overfish animals. This is because it can lead to a decline in animal populations in the area.

The seeds are used for agriculture in Walheim. Players can find seeds by exploring the world or by purchasing them from in-game merchants.

To farm, players must build cultivators and clear land for planting crops. Once the crops have grown, the player can harvest them for food.


In conclusion, Valheim is an exciting survival game that requires players to explore and collect resources to progress through the game. By understanding the different types of resources in the game and where to find them, players can build bases, craft weapons and armor, and efficiently collect the resources needed to survive in the harsh world of Valheim. can be collected. Grab your axe, pickaxe, and other tools and enter the world of Valheim to gather the resources you need to survive!

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