Union Budget for Online Gaming and Esports: Gaming Industry shares the Pre Budget expectations for 2023

With the growing gaming population in India, some changes have been proposed to regulate the online gaming industry.

These changes include draft gaming regulations by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), which has been designated as the main ministry for online gaming, and changes to the current tax regime for online gaming.

India’s gaming industry, which consists of real money games, esports and fantasy sports, will keep the current 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate on online games rather than increasing it to 28%. I am asking the government to

Additionally, the industry is also demanding that GST only apply to platform provider fees, not the total prize pool awarded to winners of esports competitions or real money gaming apps.

Rohit Agarwal, Founder and Director of Alpha Zegus, said: Currently, we are seeing a gradual increase in in-app spending purchases related to games. Slab he raises to 28% and you’re back to square one. ” lymint.

The tax rate submitted to the Finance Minister by the Group of Ministers (GoM) proposed a universal tax rate of 28%, does not distinguish During a game of skill or chance.

The rate was due to be discussed at the GST Council meeting on 17th December. delayed This is because there is no consensus on how to tax online games and casinos. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the ministry has circulated her latest GoM report to all states and all members will discuss the issue at her next GST board meeting.

The industry supports a 28% tax on gross gaming revenue (GGR), but the government plans to impose GST on the full amount (entry amount). The industry also argued that the increased tax rate could lead people to illegal offshore gambling websites.

lakshmi kumaran and shridharan Indian Law Firm (LKS), which specializes in taxation, also said taxing GGR is the best policy for India to move forward in the gaming industry.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting also announced. Recommendations by the Task Force For AVGC sector.AVGC Tasks for Recommended Establishment of National AVGC-XR Mission with Budget to Further Expand His AVGC Sector in India

Responding to a question from G2G regarding budget projections, All India Gaming Federation CEO Roland Landers said:

“AIGF is determined to realize the Prime Minister’s vision for the online gaming sector through the continued expansion and transformation of this industry in India. As seen, this is very welcome: the recommendations of the AVGC Task Force on the Game Development Fund and the Annual Gaming Expo, the approval of the Ministry of Youth and Sports as a key ministry for esports, and for gaming intermediaries. With the draft IT Regulations, the gaming industry is well positioned to become a torchbearer for Brand India.”

“There is a lot to look forward to in the gaming industry as the future of this industry is very bright. It will be the cornerstone of Digital India and a catalyst for India to reach its goal of a $1 trillion digital economy.”

Witzeal Technologies CEO and Founder Ankur Singh said on the topic: It is encouraging that the government is helping India’s burgeoning and promising online gaming industry to thrive. ”

“We believe government support will provide the entire ecosystem with a much-needed boost as the industry creates opportunities for the startup space, attracts FDI and boosts the national economy. It will be further boosted by strengthening the establishment of the AVGC Task Force established in the annual budget.We also expect the government to take taxation aspects into account in the forthcoming union budget.This will encourage companies in India to competitiveness and encouraged to meet international standards.”

“If a government agency or SRO is in charge of industry-wide oversight, rewarding innovation can further unlock the potential for massive employment. , adapt to new technologies and create opportunities for Indian game studios, which will also support the Government’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ initiatives. The government’s goal of creating a $5 trillion U.S. economy is something the online gaming industry wants to support,” he added.

Sai Srinivas, co-founder and CEO of MPL, said: The burgeoning sector will have more success this year after the government released draft online gaming regulations earlier this month. ”

“In addition to this, the industry wants clarity in several areas. The first is the GST mechanism for online games. The other concerns the AVGC Fund, which was established as part of the AVGC Promotion Task Force announced in last year’s budget.As envisioned under this, access to financial support , will be a huge boost for young talented developers and designers, accelerating the push towards ‘Made in India’ and spreading Indian games to the world. ”

“We believe that the Indian online gaming industry can truly take the lead in the global digital economy, and unified progressive policies can be the wind in its sails. ‘ he added.

The esports games department also asked for an increase in the budget to provide better training facilities for esports athletes who represent their country at the international level. “The budget needs to be increased and allocated extensively for the growth of esports and the training of athletes,” said Vinod Tiwari, president of the Indian esports federation.

Game companies and corporations also want a consistent tax system, as many companies face problems due to unclear tax systems. Well-defined progressive taxation is necessary for this sector to function properly.

The company also provides gaming hardware to ensure that the AVGC sector has access to the hardware required to develop AAA quality games in India, and for gamers to upgrade and stay up to date with the latest gaming technology. demanded lower import duties to allow access to the ware.

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