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Abu Dhabi aims to become the world’s leading gaming center through an initiative of the AD Gaming Government. To further this goal, they recently partnered with AA Meta. AA Meta is his local Metaverse and Web3 development company providing advanced Web3 solutions to the regional game development space. However, the partnership will help drive growth within Abu Dhabi’s gaming and interactive entertainment industry.

AD Gaming and AA Meta Partnership

AD Gaming is an innovative and educational platform that supports the development of video game developers, players, businesses and fans. The gaming platform is backed by a number of national and commercial entities based in Abu Dhabi, hoping to help local gaming creations reach the international stage. Content producers and gamers alike can find solace within this collaborative community by sharing a vision of success on a global platform.

With that in mind, AD Gaming worked with AA Meta to develop a cutting-edge gaming experience through their Metaverse infrastructure and Web3 technology solutions.

AA Meta uses Web3 technology for their projects and offers to other game companies. Blockchain games and the Metaverse will enable gamers to communicate in a more connected world, providing businesses with new payment systems to bring fresh in-game economic models and immersive experiences to the world. method can be created.

Located in the vast entertainment and media focused Yas Creative Hub in Abu Dhabi, AA Meta is proud to partner with AD Gaming for their progressive approach to Web3 solutions. Doing so unlocks powerful potential in the rapidly evolving gaming industry, providing access to an advanced metaverse through collaboration and his Web3 environment.

AA Meta plans to boost local metaverse industry

By partnering with AD Gaming, AA Meta seeks to expand the local metaverse industry and create employment opportunities for those living in the UAE who pursue careers in this fast-growing sector. The MENA region is one of the leading investors in the global metaverse business, estimated to generate up to US$966 billion (AED 3.55 trillion) in revenue globally by 2030.

AA Meta is laying the groundwork for Abu Dhabi’s blockchain gaming sector with its professional strategy for gaming business to benefit from Web3 technology. This innovative form of interactive media offers a wealth of opportunities for aspiring gaming industry professionals and gamers around the world, bringing a whole new way to “play and earn” within the Metaverse.

Hussain Al Omaeirah, co-founder, chairman and managing director of AA Meta, said:

James Hartt, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development at AD Gaming, expressed his excitement saying that Abu Dhabi provides the perfect atmosphere for the gaming industry and that the AA meta brings even more advantages. According to him, Web3 technology offers gamers and game developers an unparalleled level of immersion focused on community building. This makes us happy that the AD Gaming team is a pioneer in Abu Dhabi.

AA Meta recently launched Thunder Lands, the highly anticipated MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). This is available for both PC and Android. Gamers can not only enjoy exciting gaming experiences in Thunder Lands, but also earn cryptocurrency as rewards for in-game activities!

With the success of Thunder Lands, AA Meta plans to reach over 50,000 active users by Q2 2023, leveraging its strengths in decentralized apps (DApps) and Game Fi technology. We promise you the ultimate immersive experience.

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