Top Picks Gaming Headphones That You Cannot Miss

2022 is over, and it’s been a great year, especially for the gaming industry. Whether you’re a gamer, game developer, or console manufacturer, this year has been a transformational year to say the least. In honor of the years gone by and the years to come, we bring you our top picks for the best gaming headphones you can’t miss.

Cosmic Bite Equinox Chronos

After going through the barrage of gaming headsets, I was convinced that no product on the market could wow me anymore. The Cosmic Byte Equinox Kronos was like enlightenment for Buddha. From the moment I put these headphones on, my perception of the ideal gaming headset was confused. Kronos made us rethink what a great gaming headset should look like. Cosmic Byte Kronos outperforms its international contemporaries in performance, build quality and feel.

The gaming headset features Dolby Atmos 7.1 sound and 50mm drivers. Every beat and drop is picked up perfectly. Bullets falling, wind blowing through the meadows, approaching footsteps, etc. The battery is a big plus, and so is the microphone. This mic is impressive due to its ENC (environmental noise canceling) capabilities and no lag at all. Headphones can be connected via a dongle that can be connected to any PC and X Box or PlayStation console. Cosmic Byte Kronos can also connect to mobile devices via AUX and USB-Type-C cables.

I really want to find the cons in the pros and cons list, but I can’t find any. This is a truly outstanding product from Cosmic Byte, and it’s here to disrupt the audio experience segment that has been largely dominated by international players.

JBL Quantum 350 Wireless

JBL Quantum 350 Wireless

The JBL Quantum 350 Wireless Gaming Headset is a full featured product. However, it is not the perfect audio solution for gamers. But don’t get me wrong. i love this headset. Its simplicity is what makes it really usable in the gaming market. The sound quality is good with emphasis on bass. Additionally, audio can be adjusted with the equalizer in the QuantumENGINE software. The mic is detachable and works fine. The Quantum 350 Wireless Gaming Headphones are lightweight at just over 250 grams. The JBL excels in the mids and highs while delivering truly great bass.

The USP for this headset is lossless wireless connectivity, sound quality, and spatial surround sound. The headset can be connected via a 2.4GHz USB dongle, charged with a USB Type C to USB Type A cable, and can also be used as a USB Type C audio connection.

The headset slipped a few times when I shook my head or leaned forward. The volume control is positioned so that it becomes a problem when trying to adjust the left earcup. On top of that, the Quantum 350 Wireless doesn’t have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), so you won’t get audio isolation from headsets with this feature. Beautifully reproduces ambient sounds and emphasizes gunshots and explosions.

In terms of playtime, the headphones last up to 22-25 hours on a full charge, but the lack of a fast-charge option takes hours.

Finally, contrary to popular opinion about this headset, I found the JBL Quantum 350 Wireless to excel in music and entertainment. QuantumENGINE’s spatial surround sound is spectacular, enriching your music and movie experience many times over. Overall, this is definitely a very versatile offering from JBL built for gamers.

Cosmic Bite Equinox Neutrino

Cosmic Bite Equinox Neutrino

Following in Kronos’ footsteps comes another gaming headphone from Cosmic Byte’s house, the Equinox Neutrino. High-fidelity 50mm drivers with a detachable mic with ENC capability are always an impressive package. There is absolutely no noticeable difference in performance.

The body is aluminum, the ear cups are synthetic leather, and the metal armband is not stiff. This smooth gaming headset has multiple inputs including USB Type A, USB Type C and AUX. The Cosmic Byte Neutrino features Dolby Atmos 7.1, which is top notch as far as audio is concerned. Comfort is what really caught my attention, and in some ways I found the Neutrino to be more comfortable than his Kronos headphones. It may have something to do with the thick memory foam used in the former.

Functionally, the audio controls are on the left. Controls for volume, mic mute button, surround sound on/off, and connectivity options (USB type-C and 3.5 mm ports). LED lights really add to the beauty. The bright golden light illuminates as if the headphones are breathing slowly and gently, like a dragon in a golden cornucopia. These can also be turned off by long-pressing the surround sound button.

The gaming consumer tech market is only heating up heading into 2023. Expect more reviews like that.

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