Three Mobile Gaming Predictions To Help Developers Stay Ahead In 2023

Vicky Chan is an 18-year veteran in the games industry, Avia Games Inc..

The future of mobile gaming continues to shine bright. According to Newzoo forecasts, by 2022, the global gaming market as a whole was expected to generate about $197 billion. The main driver of this growth has been mobile, which accounts for over half of the market.

While it’s harder than ever to make a name for itself in the ever-expanding mobile gaming market, there are still opportunities for companies to explore market expansion and growth avenues. As 2023 kicks off, here are some trends and predictions to watch for new players to stay ahead of the game.

1. Developers should pay attention to real money games, blockchain games and Web3.

In 2022, we saw a fantastic new world of mobile gaming unfold before our eyes, from blockchain games to the metaverse. In today’s mobile gaming environment, players have more choices than ever before. With the introduction of Web3, communities of people will be able to use tokens to create new digital platforms and ecosystems to trade within their communities, including the mobile gaming space.

Examples of this are blockchain and play-to-earn games. This is a subgenre of real money games that brings its own opportunities, challenges and risks. As the founder of a gaming company that allows players to win real money, I have discovered that some gamers are attracted to this type of game due to the possibility of winning real rewards such as cash. As we look to the future of gaming, we believe that prizes may not only be in dollars, but may be a combination of other forms of prize packages, such as NFTs.

Blockchain games and NFTs are still in their infancy, and some detractors, but it’s a promising technology if game developers start thinking about the direction of gaming platforms and their designs become in high demand among new players in the future.

Note, however, that the state of NFTs and blockchain gaming is still considered the Wild West. Over the next few years, game developers should be prepared for more rules and regulations to come into force. To stay ahead, game developers and publishers must act quickly and adapt where necessary to adhere to future guidelines and stay compliant.

2. Despite a possible recession, mobile gaming could show resilience.

Newzoo also reports that the gaming market is somewhat “recession-proof” because “even more than in previous years of economic turmoil, games boast more choice and convenience than ever before. ‘because.

Given the state of the global economy, we can expect e-commerce spending on marketing and advertising to decline compared to last year. This opens up an unprecedented opportunity for mobile game developers to increase their spend and profit while ad traffic declines.

Mobile Game Developers Must Plan Tactics Carefully We also ensure that in-game ads do not interfere with the player’s gameplay. Additionally, consider expanding payment methods for your products to increase your users’ payment and purchasing power.

Game developers who want to be more competitive and successful in the global mobile internet era should also consider cross-platform and multi-country strategies. This can increase your customer acquisition and reach.

3. Women may continue to disrupt the gaming industry.

Previously, there was an assumption that games were primarily for men. Today, that is no longer the case as the game continues to grow in popularity among women. About 50% of US gamers are female, according to Newzoo research, and female gamers tend to play on mobile her platform. This presents a huge opportunity for game developers to expand their in-game mobile strategies to be versatile and personalized.

Game developers need to remember that women may want different things from their mobile games than men. Game designs and types can be more appealing to women. For example, according to one person, in the US, female gamers “play for achievement and social reasons, to socially engage and maintain relationships.” forbes Contributor. We also recommend that casual mobile games provide an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. In my view, this lowers the barrier to entry and helps make players more likely to stick with the game.

Additionally, while female mobile gamers are on the rise, the percentage of women in game production is still small. To close the gender gap within the gaming industry, game publishing companies not only help promote diversity and inclusion within their own teams, but also partner with organizations that support female gamers to: You can empower a generation of mobile game developers.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023, there are a variety of considerations that game developers should identify and address in order to attract today’s gamers.

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