This cheap gaming monitor has free next day delivery at Dell

So, I just bought a fancy new gaming PC for my new setup. A special monitor is required to complete the upgrade. Luckily, Dell is already selling affordable models with great deals. You can now get the Dell G2722HS, a 27-inch gaming monitor, for just $150. That’s almost half the original price of $280. As a bonus with this deal, order today and get free next day shipping. So if you have a new rig in the mail, you can be sure you’ll have a gorgeous new monitor ready to play when it arrives. Gaming monitor deals like this are not every day.

There are many reasons to upgrade your monitor if you use it primarily for gaming. First, 1080p is the minimum required resolution. After all, what’s the point of gorgeous graphics running through an expensive GPU when the window you’re actually viewing is a lower resolution? This Dell gaming monitor is 1080p. The most important feature of a gaming laptop is how quickly it can be refreshed. I want smooth movement and zero lag. This monitor has a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a response time of 1 ms. I don’t see any choppy action or feel like my on-screen movements lag behind my fingers.

This isn’t necessarily the best hardware, but you get what you pay for. That’s 16.7 million colors. It’s not OLED or QLED, so it doesn’t have perfect contrast, but it does have a 1000:1 contrast ratio. It has some nice bonus features, like multiple HDMI ports, so you can use it on your work computer without having to manually switch plug-ins every time. You don’t have to worry about blocking your view.

This is a great chance to upgrade to a gaming monitor at a bargain price. Grab $130 Off This 27 Inch Gaming Monitor From Dell And Get It Down To Just $150. You can have it by tomorrow.

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