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The Sims 4 added a comprehensive selection of upgrades in its latest update, including hearing aids, top surgical scars, shapewear and more.

One of the best-selling video games of all time, The Sims lets players relive the lives of virtual people living in suburbia. First released in 2000.

Constantly changing and evolving, the game allows players to create both disabled and transgender characters, as well as select new clothing items such as chest binders.

Players can now select medical wearables when creating a Sim. This includes her 15 colored hearing aids that can be worn in one or both ears by any character, including toddlers.

Glucose monitors are also available for Sims of child age and can be added to the arms or lower abdomen.

Male Sims over the age of 10 representing transgender characters can add surgical scars to their characters. Top surgery scars are horizontal lines of scar tissue left after top surgery from women to men.

Sims over the age of 10 can also choose chest-flattening binders and character bottom shapewear.

Transgender and disabled fans were quick to praise the game’s inclusivity, with Simmer T_Sizzler writing: Being able to see myself in this game helped. Imagine the transgender kids in your closet watching this update.

Deaf player @LuddySimmer wrote:

@Parkingjm wrote:

The latest update, published on January 31st, introduced new options, improved console and navigation, and fixed some bugs.

In 2016, players were given the option to add both male and female traits, regardless of gender.

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And starting last year, players can choose their Sim’s sexual orientation and pronouns.

The Sims has been free to play since late last year.

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