The Opportunity In Mobile Gaming For App Marketers (And How To Leverage It)

CMO and Founder theyA fight to build a strong relationship between the money spent on marketing and the revenue a company generates.

Whether for entertainment experience or marketing opportunities, there is no such thing as a decent mobile game.By 2021, there will be about 3.24 billion gamers (paywall) worldwide As of Q2 2022, games were the most popular type of app (paywall) on the Google Play store. The player base is also diversified. Many people think the typical gamer is male, but he turns out to be female in 48% of US gamers.From a first-person shooter game candy crush saga It means more consumers will be interested in relevant ads. But he has one problem. You have to target them.

According to a recent IAB and PwC report, “Consumers continue to flock to ad-free content models, opting out of opportunities to learn about new brands, services and experiences through ads.” I wouldn’t be surprised. Many of today’s promotions have a reputation for being inappropriate and annoying, with inappropriate apps being promoted to inappropriate users. This is a big problem for app developers who may struggle to reach new paying users and improve their user experience with relevant content.

To prevent this, you’ll need to create targeted campaigns that reach the right audience, but that’s what my company, which offers payment technology and purchasing behavior targeting capabilities, calls the Ocalypse of Apps. It’s a challenge. The IDFA recall means developers have more trouble tracking users via mobile. Combined with rising regulatory and privacy concerns, this means it will become even more difficult to execute targeted campaigns. This app havoc is not lost for developers. In his 2022 survey, conducted by my company of his 300 app developers and app marketers in the US and UK, 61% said they lost sleep because of this commercial hardship.

Mobile Gaming Possibilities for Advertisers

Today’s gaming environment has become more convenient for players. Developers can also offer alternative revenue models that make their games more accessible. Mobile developers often advertise their apps as free-to-play (F2P) as opposed to the traditional pay-to-play (P2P) model.

This model gives players free access to mobile games, with optional in-app purchases. Additionally, users also benefit from advertisements that encourage downloads of other games. This also allows developers to monetize their apps without relying solely on microtransactions such as selling loot boxes. research ( gamer) proved to be a disappointing purchase for 50% of gamers.Microtransactions are a perpetual nuisance to many who prompted bipartisan support for US regulation

Then there are hyper-casual games known for their convenience and easy-to-use features. These were the most frequently downloaded gaming app genres in 2020, according to Sensor Tower data. It accounts for about a third of conversions. Hyper-casual gamers tend to have short life cycles, but the existence of a large player base means that anyone with an effective means of reaching this audience can access a significant revenue stream. increase.

When Gaming Becomes Social

The pandemic and subsequent global lockdowns have left many of us bored indoors. It also meant that I needed to maintain my relationship habits. This has led to more users linking their social media accounts to their mobile games, creating a whole new dimension in how they experience these apps. Connecting social accounts allows players to become part of a larger community where they can share their interests and interact through interactive in-game elements.

You can also use social media platforms as an extension of your overall marketing strategy. By connecting social media accounts, players can share their gaming experiences while tracking their friends’ progress and trading in-game content.

Marketers can take full advantage of this trend by creating communities where users can post about their in-game achievements. This includes markers of success in the form of top scores and trophies. Users should also be encouraged to share user-generated content, such as in-game screenshots and her YouTube and Twitch videos. Social channels should also serve as important means of communication. Make sure users can contact developers for technical support through this channel. This also allows users to provide the overall feedback they need to improve her experience.

In this way, developers can drive traffic to social marketing channels. There, players can view important other promotions.

How to use purchase data to step up your marketing game

Mobile games present great opportunities for app developers. However, to take advantage of this, you need to provide value in the form of relevant and engaging advertising. Marketers may have previously relied on her IDFA, but growing privacy concerns are demanding alternatives for sourcing valuable data. Purchase behavior targeting is one of the options he should consider.

This advertising strategy already powers campaigns on platforms such as Facebook. Purchase behavior targeting targets your ads to the players most likely to convert based on what they’ve already purchased. This method of targeting minimizes the need to collect personal information, as it only contains the data necessary to serve effective advertising.

Instead, reach out to high lifetime value (LTV) users who are most likely to convert by deep analysis of user payment activity and behavior over the past 3-6 months. In addition, marketers should integrate additional information to enhance this form of targeting, such as additional first-party purchase data and demographic information from Twitter, Facebook, and Google AdWords. This allows you to create more accurate campaigns.

Mobile advertising doesn’t have to be difficult. App businesses can make useful promotions, stay on the right side of privacy regulations, promote better experiences, and avoid game over with app havoc.

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