The Last of Us HBO Series Showrunner Calls it Gaming’s Greatest Story

Craig Mazin is the showrunner for HBO’s upcoming TV adaptation. Last of Us, said the story of the original PlayStation game is the best ever for the gaming medium. Since its first release on PlayStation 3 in 2013, Last of Us It has attracted fans all over the world, mainly thanks to its compelling story and characters. And while there are plenty of video games out there trying to bring their best stories to life, Mazin thinks: Last of Us It’s on top.

In a new conversation with Empire, Mazin opened up about Last of Us And about the story that makes it so special.In short, Mazin said a lot of reasons elephant Its success is due to its characters, especially its two main characters, Joel and Ellie. Rather than including unique powers and abilities, Mazin emphasizes Joel and Ellie’s deep humanity, especially within the confines of video games. Last of Us Much better than many other stories told in the medium.

“This is an open-and-shut case. It’s the best story ever told in a video game,” said Mazin bluntly.[Joel and Ellie] Nothing shot out of their eyes. they were just people. And that, in itself, is extremely rare in games. The fact that they kept it very grounded and made it feel real – I’ve never experienced anything like it and have been playing video games since 1977.

I don’t know yet what will happen to Majin Last of Us TV will finally live up to what fans have come to expect from the game, and fortunately, we don’t have much time left to find out. Last of Us will premiere next month on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, January 15th.

Do you happen to agree with Mazin’s comment Last of Us And that through-line story? And if you don’t think this is the best story ever in gaming, what’s at the top of your list? Let us know in the comments or send us a message on Twitter. @moorman12.

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