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NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — publishes the report, “Global Subscription-Based Gaming Market Size, Share by Device Type, Genre, Region, Outlook and Forecast Share & Industry Trends Analysis Report.” announced the release of , 2022-2028” –
A subscription-based gaming service renders a wide variety of games from its catalog to customers on their devices and charges an annual or monthly subscription membership fee for top-notch gaming graphics and a variety of other features. Offers.

Customers commit to these profitable services on a monthly or yearly basis. Organizations make these games available across multiple platforms and devices, including tablets, consoles, smartphones, PCs, VR headsets, smart TVs, and many other devices. Subscribers can choose to download the game or stream the game directly on the platform.

Subscription services mitigate the risks associated with delivering top-performing titles on a regular basis. Subscription services have created a recurring revenue stream and a devoted audience that allows service providers to earn a steady income through microtransactions and prepaid downloadable content. The growth of these subscription-based industries also relies heavily on the growing number of smartphone users and easy access to online services.

COVID-19 impact analysis

The COVID-19 outbreak certainly has a huge impact on business. Businesses and organizations have had to move their operations to an online working environment. Governments have mandated that people stay indoors and have imposed strict guidelines. I was looking for During COVID-19, there has been a shift from live events to live streams as esports have changed the way they work to cope with the situation. Companies and organizations involved in the subscription-based gaming market have been positively impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, resulting in significant sales and revenue.

Market growth factors

Emergence of state-of-the-art technology in the field of games

Technological breakthroughs in recent years have improved online gaming to the point where there is only a fine line between reality and fantasy. The excitement, creativity, and design of the game captivated the minds of players. Rapid technological advancements have increased the adoption of subscription-based games. This is to provide gamers with a unique experience and greater satisfaction.

Increase in smartphone usage and internet access

The availability of top-notch smartphones has fueled the growth of mobile game players around the world. With increasing smartphone access and increasing internet penetration, players’ expectations of mobile-based gaming continue to rise. Technological advances in smartphones, such as wider screens, storage capacity, and advanced RAM integration, are driving a growing number of mobile-based subscription gaming users. Casual gaming remains the preferred choice, but screen time for hardcore gamers on phones has increased significantly.

Market restraining factors

Need for continuous game improvement and content upgrades

The subscription-based gaming market is often heavily impacted by the fact that developers must focus on introducing more engaging environments for players. Customers are paying a monthly fee for the product and are looking forward to more features. Business entities must continuously update and provide new themes or content for their end users. Users can lose interest and become bored with features that have been around for a long time, so this is necessary for your business if you want to stay in the industry for the long term.

Device type outlook

Based on device type, the subscription-based gaming market is segmented into smartphones, PCs, consoles, and others. In 2021, the PC segment will dominate the subscription-based gaming market with the largest revenue share. Advancements in new technologies, easy access to Internet services, and the rise of the media and entertainment industry are the main factors leading to increased demand for PC gaming. People find their tablets and smartphones limiting their productivity and are turning to PCs that offer multitasking, video conferencing, and big screens.

Game Genre Outlook

Based on game genre, the subscription-based games market is segmented into action, adventure, shooting, fighting, role-playing, sports, racing, and others. In 2021, the adventure segment achieved significant growth in the subscription-based gaming market. This adventure game lets players take on the central character of an interactive story. As users immerse themselves in playing their character, new skills are built as they reach new difficulty levels. Players can experience their own heroic journey through these adventure games.

Regional outlook

The subscription-based gaming market is regionally analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. In 2021, Asia-Pacific will generate the largest revenue share and lead the subscription-based gaming market. With the growth of independent entities, active business associations, foreign investment and government supportive policies, there are wide opportunities for gaming business in the region. Government policies may attract significant foreign investment for partnership jobs and businesses by major small and medium-sized gaming companies. This support has therefore led to accelerated growth in the region.

A key strategy followed by market participants is partnerships. Based on analysis presented in Cardinal Matrix. Apple, Inc., Google LLC, and Microsoft Corporation are pioneers in the subscription-based gaming market. Companies such as, Inc., Tencent Holdings Ltd., and NVIDIA Corporation are some of the leading innovators in the subscription-based gaming market.

The market research report covers an analysis of key stakeholders in the market. Major companies profiled in the report include Nvidia Corporation, Tencent Holdings Ltd., Google LLC, Microsoft Corporation, Sony Corporation, Amazon, Inc. (Amazon Luna), Apple, Inc., Electronic Arts, Inc., Blacknut, and Shadow (OVH). SAS).

Recent Strategies Unfolding in the Subscription-Based Gaming Market

Partnerships, Collaborations and Agreements:

October 2022: Electronic Arts collaborates with Marvel, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, to offer primarily character-based media. This collaboration includes the development of at least three of his games, providing players with exceptional experiences.

August 2022: Tencent partners with Logitech G, part of Logitech International. Logitech G mainly deals in keyboards, headsets, flight sticks and more. The partnership aims to combine Logitech G’s hardware prowess with Tencent’s knowledge of software services to power handheld cloud gaming. Logitech’s dominant market share in console games and PC complements Tencent’s vision to improve the gaming experience for gamers around the world.

August 2022: Microsoft partners with Unity, a US-based provider of a software platform for developing and operating real-time 3D content. This partnership will allow developers to jointly use the Unity engine and Microsoft Azure. Additionally, the partnership aligns with Microsoft’s goal of making game development accessible to everyone, across all industries, around the world.

June 2022: Tencent partners with Microsoft’s gaming division. The partnership includes the inclusion of some of Tencent’s games in Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s gaming subscription. The partnership between Tencent and Microsoft expands the range of games developed in China.

December 2021: Tencent has partnered with Finland-based company Remedy, primarily in the development of video games. Under this partnership, Vanguard, a free-to-play game based on a GaaS (game as a service) business model, will be developed and published by Remedy worldwide and Tencent will be published in the Asian market. In addition, Tencent will acquire worldwide rights to develop and market the mobile-based version.

October 2020: Microsoft has partnered with US-based e-retailer GameStop, primarily in areas such as video games, merchandise and consumer electronics. The strategic partnership includes organizing GameStop retail stores with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 and equipping store clerks with Microsoft Surface. device. Gamestop’s vast store base and network of skilled gamers benefit Microsoft by increasing customer base and revenue.

Acquisitions and mergers:

August 2022: Sony acquires Savage Games, a Finland-based company primarily involved in shooter-based multiplayer games. The acquisition expands Sony’s portfolio and complements Sony’s plans to introduce more PC and mobile games.

July 2022: Sony acquires Bungie, a US-based video game company, primarily responsible for developing shooters and sports-based games. The acquisition will broaden Sony’s PlayStation customer reach.

March 2022: Glance (backed by Google) acquires Gambit, an online gaming-centric platform primarily for classic games. The acquisition strengthens Glance’s mobile gaming portfolio and expands its platform.

September 2021: Electronic Arts acquires UK-based mobile game creator Playdemic. The acquisition strengthens Electronic Arts’ mobile gaming team and expands its mobile gaming offerings.

Product launches and expansions:

May 2022: Sony launches PlayStation Plus, a subscription-based gaming service. PlayStation Plus offers over 700 games for gamers to play. The release will allow his PlayStation enthusiasts around the world to enjoy the numerous games available in his PlayStation Plus catalog.

Geographic expansion:

March 2022: Amazon expands its global footprint by launching Luna in the continental United States. Luna is a cloud gaming service that harnesses the power of the cloud to let users play games on devices they already own.

Scope of investigation

Market segments covered in the report:

By device type

• PC

• Console

• smartphone

• others

By genre

• action

• Finding

• adventure

• photograph

• Roleplaying

• Sports

• Race

• others

by geography

• North America

oUnited States



o Rest of North America

• Europe

o germany


o france


o Spain


o Rest of Europe

• Asia Pacific

or china

○ Japan





o Rest of Asia Pacific

• preliminary report

o brazil


United Arab Emirates

o Saudi Arabia

South Africa


Rest of LAMEA

Company profiled

• NVIDIA Corporation

• Tencent Holdings Limited

• Google LLC

• Microsoft

• Sony Corporation

• Amazon, Inc. (Amazon Luna)

• Apple.

• Electronic Arts, Inc.

• Black nuts

• Shadow (OVH SAS)

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