The Evil Within 2 Has The Horniest Boss In Gaming

This boss is happy to meet you. Boys let you know!

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From the moment she slowly rappels down from the ceiling – posing like a star, arching her back and holding the camera head like the star of a flashy burlesque production – Obscura’s boss in The Evil Within 2 is one It gives the impression of hell.There’s a lot to love and analyze about The Evil Within 2. Just in his last Spookmas, he praised its unique open-world design that lets you explore an idyllic American suburban simulation. And yet, even without thinking about the game itself, those terrifyingly glamorous bosses keep crashing into his head like the fiery light of a camera flash.

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Obscura is an eerie yet strangely fascinating tangle of limbs. Her three legs are capped by her ballet shoes, swiveling in a strange curve and connected to her two slender arms that support her head in the shape of an old-fashioned large format camera. It features a long accordion-like tube that corresponds to the creature’s neck.

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Ideally, you want to stay out of Obscura’s line of sight, so the combat itself has an attractive stealth hook. At the heart of the battle is a transmitter of sorts, and it’s… it’s counting down to something, but the important thing to know is that Obscura snapped the transmitter in the face of the camera and It means you are trying to stop. Trying to keep carving it. This is a cat and mouse suspense game. Sneaking through a large cavernous room, Obscura either hunts you down on her three toes like a ballerina, or hangs somewhere above the ceiling so high it’s dark and invisible.

But what sets this battle apart as much as Obscura’s arrival is the sound. Look, what should this boss say, really good time fighting with you Simply put, her moans and her purring sounds like the torment (and lingering) of her ecstasy orgasms. The boy will be happy to see you when she finds you.

Her voice trembles with post-coital moans when you beat her down or pass her until you get tired. Even, I wouldn’t be surprised if I came around the corner at that moment and found her lying on her back (whatever her back is) and lit a cigarette. , she inhales her breath deeply and then exhales a long, full breath.


But when I started asking myself the dreaded question, “Is this actually kind of sexy, or have I gone insane?” It will make a loud crackling sound. Exactly the horrible acoustics you need to get your head straight.

The most bizarrely sexual boss fight ever in a game. It can be compared in some ways to Silent Hill, which has always favored a psychosexual image, but there’s a much more twisted sense of playfulness here (plus, when was Silent Hill’s boss fights actually good? is it?).

The Evil Within 2 is full of imaginative weirdness as you explore the chaotic Union town. I highly recommend it, but I have to say *ahem* how weird it is, since the Obscura boss fight happens relatively early in the game. Climaxes very early.

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