The Coolest Gaming Gear From CES 2023

CES 2023, the annual electronics show previewing upcoming technologies and future concepts, kicked off Thursday in Las Vegas. Concept cars, flashy refrigerators and wireless TVs will be some of the main attractions at this year’s show. There’s also a lot of interesting stuff for gamers, especially since companies like Sony claim that supply issues are starting to settle.

From new laptops to giant monitors, here are some of the most interesting gaming hardware at CES.

Josh Goldman/CNET

Dell’s Revamped Budget-Friendly Gaming Laptop

According to CNET’s Joshua Goldman, Dell has refreshed its G15 and G16 gaming laptops with the latest Intel, AMD and Nvidia chips. It has a chunky angular body with a two-tone design and importantly these laptops can play AAA games without breaking the bank the new he G15 and G16 are priced at $849 each Around $1,499. The laptop is expected to start shipping in the spring. UK and Australian availability and pricing are unknown at this time.

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Josh Goldman/CNET

Thin and powerful gaming laptop from Alienware

Alienware has announced four new gaming laptops at CES, reports Goldman. Two of those laptops in particular caught our eye. According to Alienware, the company’s 2nd Gen x14 is the world’s thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop. The x14 will arrive this winter and will start at $1,799, though no UK and Australian release and pricing have been announced.

Alienware then announced the new m18. It comes with an 18-inch screen and a choice of Intel or AMD processors and Nvidia or Radeon graphics. It features 7 heat pipes and 4 fans to keep everything cool, dual user-replaceable DDR5 SO-DIMM slots, and up to 9 TB of potential storage. Alienware offers the m18 with a 165Hz 2,560×1,600 pixel resolution or a 480Hz 1,920×1,200 pixel resolution screen. Only high-end configurations will be available at launch, with a starting price of around $2,800.

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Samsung’s new gaming monitor is a monster

Gaming monitors are growing every year and this year is no exception. As reported by CNET’s Lori Grunin, Samsung unveiled the giant 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 at CES. The monitor has a resolution of 7680×2160 pixels, a refresh rate of 240Hz and an aspect ratio of 32:9. However, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 is probably the only GPU that can handle this monitor, so you might have to pay to upgrade your setup if you want anything to play smoothly. It is expected to ship in the second half, but no pricing information has been announced.

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Alienware’s Fastest Gaming Monitor Ever

Alienware’s new 25-inch AW2524H gaming monitor is a contender for the fastest gaming monitor at CES 2023, according to Grunin. The monitor features a native HE 480Hz refresh rate, when overclocked he can reach a refresh rate of 500Hz. The monitor is based on IPS and offers better colors, viewing angles, and higher brightness than Asus’ ROG Swift 500Hz, the first 500Hz monitor to use TN. It is expected to ship in late March, but pricing has yet to be announced.

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Sony shows off new accessibility controller

Sony has announced Project Leonard, a new game controller kit designed to be customized for people with disabilities, reports CNET’s Steven Musil. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony’s Interactive Entertainment, said the kit “will make it easier, more comfortable and longer for players with disabilities to play.” Sony has not announced a price or release date for the kit.

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Josh Goldman/CNET

Dell Concept Nyx Controller

If you’re more comfortable playing PC games with a controller than a keyboard, Dell showed off a concept that might interest you: the Nyx controller. According to CNET’s Dan Ackerman, the controller looks like a standard controller, but with some extra features. There’s a fingerprint reader under the central button and dual scroll wheels under the central area for easy zooming and item selection. On the back of the controller are two shift buttons that allow you to change the sequence of commands. There are touch sensors under the shoulder buttons that allow you to scroll your finger for different effects. No release date or price has been announced as the controller is just a concept.

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Scott Stein/CNET

Razer’s new gaming handheld is now available for pre-order

Razer’s Edge, a convertible gaming tablet, first appeared almost ten years ago. The gaming tablet has seen a few changes since then, and according to CNET’s Scott Stein, the new version is available for pre-order now. Edge is his Android tablet with a snap-on game controller and his 2,400×1,080 pixel resolution display running at up to 144Hz. Razer says it will be a great way to try out Xbox cloud gaming or play games via Steam Link. You can also store games on the 128GB of storage so you can play on the go or increase the storage to his 2TB thanks to the microSD card slot. The new Edge he can pre-order for $400 and is expected to arrive on January 26th.

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See inside your PC with HYTE’s new glass tower case

Building your own PC is a fun process and a source of pride for some gamers. Now he can show off his PC with HYTE’s new glass tower case Y40. This case is the successor to his Y60 and features two pieces of panoramic tempered glass for an unobstructed view of your PC. The glass side panel can also be removed with tool-less tabs for easy access to your PC’s components. The Y40 supports side-mounted all-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers up to 280mm and his AIOs up to 360mm top-mounted. The case has two USB Type-A ports, one USB Type-C port, and a 3.5 mm combo jack, and comes in three colors (black with black inside, white with black inside, and red with black inside). He is available in 3 colors. The Y40 is available now for $150.

CNET/Lori Gronin

HyperX 3D Printed Keycaps

HyperX, HP’s peripherals division, has introduced 3D-printed keycaps to help you personalize your keyboard, Ackerman said. HyperX has previewed a range of themed keycaps, from cute and cozy to dark his fantasy themed ones full of skulls and horns. There are his W ASD replacement keys for gaming and mini engravings that are more decorative yet functional. The keycaps will be released on a limited basis starting this month with additional designs and will cost around $20.

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Samsung debuts gaming-focused soundbar

Whether you’re playing atmospheric games like Dead Space or chatting with friends in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, sound is an important part of your gaming experience. According to CNET’s Ty Pendlebury, Samsung’s latest Dolby Atmos soundbar is focused on delivering the best in-game sound. HW-G60C includes an echo-cancelling microphone and LED lighting. It’s designed for use with a PC, but should work on TVs as well. The HW-Q990C includes sound modes such as Game Pro 2.0 and Adaptive Sound 2.0, providing “clear sound with AI sound optimization technology.” Pricing and availability have not been announced.

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Govee’s gaming box puts on a light show while you play

Smart lighting startup Govee has unveiled an AI Gaming Sync Box kit at CES, CNET’s Andrew Blok reports. Govee says the kit has “almost zero” sync delay. The box is also said to trigger certain lighting effects for in-game achievements. Govee expects the kit to cost between $300 and $350 and expects it to be available later this year.

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