The Biggest Gaming News For January 5, 2023

HBO’s The Last of Us is likely to get a Part 2, and Bloober Team is taking a “very safe approach” with Silent Hill 2.

The first working week of 2023 is almost over. Why not celebrate with a wholesome chunk of old-time gaming news? Today we bring you some juicy stories, including news that the second season of HBO’s The Last of Us will likely be adapted for a sequel.

There’s also a new interview from the Bloober team on the Silent Hill 2 remake, and the new Valve list has Half-Life fans going wild.

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HBO’s Last of Us season 2 likely to adapt to sequel

You may not have seen the first season of HBO’s The Last of Us yet, but that hasn’t stopped showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann from discussing plans for season two. A new interview with The Hollywood Reporter revealed that: The first season completely recreates the events of the first game, suggesting that subsequent seasons could be entirely new material or adapt sequels.

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Bloober team is taking a ‘very safe approach’ to Silent Hill 2 remake

When Silent Hill 2 Remake was first announced, the main reaction was joy, followed quickly by fear, as Konami revealed that Bloober Team would be at the helm. The studio is a bit of a Marmite developer because it’s not a fan of . I can’t seem to get hold of it.

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New Valve listing sends die-hard fans into a speculation frenzy

Valve has been out of the development game for so long that the slightest move the company has made has been met with frenzy. The list did just that. This is something only Valve can do. This can literally be anything, but sources familiar with how the company operates say this is something Valve only does for big releases. Are you there?

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Games Done Quick Founder Mike Uyama Steps Down

Games Done Quick has been entertaining gamers with its speed-running antics for over a decade, but the departure of founder Mike Uyama after 13 years in charge has forced him to step back in time. seems to be coming to an end. No reason was given for his resignation, but it appears to be an amicable goodbye. Operations Director Matt Markle is now expected to fill the role left by Uyama.

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Repair shop owner says PS5 can be damaged by standing upright

Closing with a little PSA to all PS5 owners, as if you were one of the many who have put the console upright. A hardware repair shop owner has informed her PS5 player that holding the console upright risks damaging the machine. This is because liquid metal will likely leak if the seal between the APU and the cooler breaks.

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