The Biggest Gaming News For January 1, 2023

Activision Blizzard, EA and others need to reveal salary details, Yoko Taro has panicked his followers, and Atlus has “several” games on the way.

Welcome to the new year 2023. You were definitely out partying all night, so I can only imagine that you slept pretty late. Of course, as a result, you’re falling behind on everything that’s going on in the game world, but don’t worry. Get your speed back. Today, Activision Blizzard, EA, and other companies in the gaming industry have been forced to disclose salary information, Yoko Taro may be doing some work, and Atlus is currently making several unannounced announcements. We’ve heard about a game in development… As always, these are our top stories.

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Atlus has ‘some’ unannounced new games for 2023

Atlus, the company behind the popular Persona game, apparently has “several” unannounced new games in the works, at least according to recent reports. The news comes from all over the place with special holiday greeting cards. We don’t know what these games will be like, but fans of the developer-owned franchise are looking forward to the future. This is pretty good.

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Activision Blizzard, EA, And More List Huge Salary Ranges Following New Law

Activision Blizzard, EA, and several other developers in the gaming industry were recently forced by law to disclose their salary ranges. There was a fairly close scrutiny of job wages. Some people have clearly seen a wage gap of six figures.

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Nier Director Yoko Taro Sends Fans Into Meltdown With Mysterious New Year’s Tweet

Yoko Taro, the legendary director behind games like Nier: Automata, sent fans of the franchise into a meltdown with a cryptic “2023” post on Twitter. Of course, this could mean practically anything, but speculation is rampant on the matter, with people assuming a sequel to Nier: Automata. No.

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The Overwatch League Gets Its First Major Rebrand, Philadelphia Fusion Goes To Hell In Soul

The Overwatch League has its first major rebrand, Philadelphia Fusion, becoming Soul Infernal. “Today, Overwatch League team Philadelphia Fusion announced plans to rebrand as Seoul Infernal in the new year and move to South Korea, where the team has been active for the past two years,” said team owner Comcast Spectacore. The official announcement explains. “Founded in 2017, the team worked closely with Overwatch League officials to initially move operations to South Korea when the Covid pandemic hit in early 2020.”

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OTK reinstates streamer Mizkif over lack of ‘direct evidence’ of involvement in sexual assault

Popular streamer and content creator Mizkif has reinstated his former position at OTK following allegations he was involved in a sexual assault. “Investigating attorneys found no direct evidence that Mizukifu attempted to minimize or cover up the alleged sexual assault,” the group announced on Twitter. believes Mizukifu has displayed a callous disregard for the seriousness of sexual misconduct and racial prejudice in our space. ‘s statement shows a lack of empathy and ignorance of the seriousness of the situation and the impact his actions have on our community. It appears that Mizukifu has been placed on probation and removed from board duties.

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