The 12 Days Of Gamer Christmas

Christmas is a time of cheer and goodwill for all. Unfortunately, as a gamer, I don’t have time for either. I have time, but I’m renaming his popular Christmas song to fit the game. Gamer life for me. The song 12 Days of Christmas didn’t make much sense to me. This is mainly because Piper’s piping and Drummer’s drumming are not usually included in the letter to Santa each year. However, after researching the song in this opening paragraph (huge content lover, me), I found that it originated in my hometown, so I can safely declare it the best Christmas song ever. increase. Or, at least, second only to Taylor Swift’s Christmas Tree Farm.

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It’s repetitive, so it doesn’t play the entire song, but it skips to the 12th day of Christmas to perfectly complement the plegy. Normally I would have the drummer beat the drums, but it sounds very loud, so I choose the cuter “Twelve of Taiko Master’s Taiko Small Circles”. Merry Christmas.

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In the original song, the eleven pipers’ piping refers to the musician playing the pipes, but since we already have a drummer, let’s try something else. how about being Because in The Last of Us, she pipes people’s skulls into the cave. How would you like to celebrate the holidays?

I thought about putting a Lord of the Rings video game character here, but that seemed a little too obvious. So we chose Overwatch’s Reaper and his ten lords. This isn’t about weird sex (no one has sex with his Reaper main), but a reference to Reaper being such an edgelord. You know that brooding grumpy teenage boy who always puts you down at Christmas? yeah i have 10 of them for you. Good luck.

There were many women to choose from, nine dancing women, but only one dancing woman for me to choose from. Cloud from Final Fantasy 7. His dancing feats at The Honey Bee Inn are legendary and my Christmas there is no woman who dances so well that he wants nine under his tree, so I will make it yours. It’s a tight squeeze, but being tightly squeezed by Cloud Strife’s nine versions of him isn’t half bad. And then there’s weird sex.

See, I could probably make the milking of the eight maids a queer sex thing if I wanted to, but Christmas is family time, so let’s keep it PG. It features cows as background elements in the setting, but the most famous game cow is Whitney’s Miltank. Anyway, I got you eight of them. fun.

Whitney and her Miltank from the Pokemon anime

I’m not going to be lazy and pick a different Pokemon for the 7 Swan Swim, but I’m not going to be lazy and pick a Swan. ducks are hunting from you. Not a giggling dog, but fuck that guy. He doesn’t have Christmas. OK, maybe a box of chocolates…

It’s obvious. Six geese from the Untitled Goose Game. There was a long paragraph here, but the goose stole it.

You know, I’ve thought of a good piece of video game jewelry that could be inserted here, but for gamers of a certain age, the Xbox red ring of death is just too iconic to miss. It happened, but it’s a core part of the gaming zeitgeist. It’s also a pretty garbage present, especially if you get five, but that’s about it.

It was hard to chirp four birds. I decided to ditch the increasingly important theme of birds entirely in favor of the “call” idea. I chose 4 ping boosts.

Via: Harry Ninety Four (YouTube)

It’s absurd not to give a hen for Christmas. Instead, we get his three versions of the first French video game character I can think of, Lili of Tekken. Lili’s simple combos and aerial juggling make her a dream to play. She’s an especially nice gift for fellow editors at TheGamer as a reminder of her undefeated streak as champion of TheGamer’s Tekken Tournament.

I don’t know why birds were considered such a great Christmas present when this song was written, but frankly, I’m sick of it. I know turtle doves are pigeons not turtles but you’re getting turtles actually shredders his revenge teenage his mutants her ninja he’s turtles. But Leonardo and Donatello, just two of the best.

I’m still riding birds, you know, and I’m still going to avoid the temptation to rely on Pokemon. I have to. So what you’re getting is not a partridge in a pear tree, but a songbird in a cage, like you got BioShock Infinite’s giant metal bird. This is the perfect Christmas gift metaphor.

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