TCL CSOT next-gen 98-inch 4K 240Hz gaming TV teased alongside innovations in OLED, sliding screens and VR tech

TCL announced that it has a new wave of mini LED and QLED.”Large screenIt will hit the market from spring 2023, following the company’s belief that at least 65-inch TVs are the future. And, thanks to the CES 2023 showcase, some consumers may be inclined to get their hands on something bigger and bolder. yet.

The company’s display research and development arm, TCL CSOT, has unveiled a prototype.”game” Size 98″ TV with 240Hz refresh rate. Especially next gen for that size category. Could be LCD but same 1 Gate 1 Drain (1G1D) also found in some TCLs Made using a pixel structure, CSOT’s latest mini LED breakthrough is touted as potentially improving viewing angles and light transmission.

Some parts of TCL’s CES 2023 expo areWorld’s highest PPI“(~1700) Real RGB LCD-VR panel but adds 65″ 8K”Wide field of view optical viewing display“may be advertised as a more comfortable alternative to”heavy“glasses.

In that regard, the OEM has another “world’s firstAmong the 65-inch 8K OLED displays, this one, made in partnership with JOLED on an inkjet printing process, is touted as being more energy efficient and offering higher resolution and a wider color gamut.

TCL CSOT now claims to combine these benefits with other benefits such as higher refresh rates in the future. Speaking of which, the group is closing out his latest CES show with what’s now called ‘.NB/Pad“, another potentially first 14 inches”portable envelope NB“, a form factor that combines rolling and folding actions in the same display.

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