Steam Replay offers a Wrapped-style recap of your 2022 in gaming

Valve has launched its own Steam Replay equivalent to Spotify Wrapped. We give you his one page covered with graphs and diagrams showing how he spent his time on Steam in 2022. I spent 30% of my time playing Spelunky 2 and played 41 different games over the course of the year. how about you

You can check your Steam replays by going here and signing in with your Steam credentials. All stats are displayed on his one page, with the option to share individual graphs or the entire page. It’s nicely formatted and has some interesting data mixed in.

For example, of the 41 games I played in 2022, 55% were released this year. This compares to the broader Steam database average of 17%. Only 4% of the games I played were 8 years older than him, and everyone else averaged 19%.

Vampire Survivors accounted for 17% of total Steam game play time over the year, but 100% of that time was in January 2022. One of my favorite stats is the timeline showing all the games you’ve played. In January I played Vampire Survivors, Cyberpunk 2077 and Jump King, and in February I played Cyberpunk 2077, Unpacking, Olli Olli World and Grapple Dog.

It’s a great way to look back and reflect on a year spent playing PC games. I play a lot less than I used to (I play on Switch most of the time), but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself playing on Steam. For comparison, Katherine says he has played 131 games on Steam this year.

What about you? Share your replays in the comments. I have a hobby.

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