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Every Sunday we bring you sports game news you may have missed in your busy week. This week, we’re bringing you new details on WWE 2K23 and Forza Motorsport, beta his impressions from Undisputed, and lots of other interesting content.

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The Arizona Cardinals are going through some serious changes. Shortly after losing to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 18, the team parted ways with head coach Cliff Kingsbury. Additionally, General Manager Steve Kaim has resigned due to health concerns. So with the inevitable restructuring slated, teams have begun to make it known that they are interested in reducing cap space. Farewell due to a trade with wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

In real life, Hopkins has a no-trade clause, so he has some say in his next stop (he also wants a new contract). but, Madden — if no such thing exists — the possibilities are endless.

Tom Brady will be 46 by the time the 2023 NFL season begins. After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wrapped up the Super Wild Card Weekend with a home loss to the Dallas Cowboys, speculation began over Brady’s future. Whether or not another chapter in the history of the greatest quarterback will be written remains unknown. That said, let’s see where Tom Brady might sign if he stays.

When new MLB The Show is around the corner, it’s tradition for fans to speculate as to who this year’s cover athlete will or should be. type It should be that of an athlete. Tradition has largely been to pick rising stars who embody everything that’s exciting about gaming today. And it makes perfect sense. Why linger on yesterday’s news when you can hop on the trend train?

If you’ve played recently Madden For games, you might be somewhat familiar with man-match coverage. Unlike a man-to-man defense that locks a defender’s assignments before a play, or a spot that requires a defender to cover an area of ​​the field in his drop zone his defense, the man his match in his coverage, the defender is allowed after the snap. You can choose your own coverage allocation. The route executed by the recipient. Defenders in man-match coverage schemes can dynamically convert to man-to-man coverage on demand, pass route to teammates in better positions to defend teammates, or allow teammates to waive in relation to decisions. You can zone off or even go downhill to replace your assigned assignments. Cut in anticipation of a route coming close from across the field.

Undisputed Betahype level of everyone admits It grows with each hand. From the early screens that seemed too good to be true, until we stepped into the ring for the first time, everyone admits I was impressed every time. That said, the game isn’t without its flaws. This article covers some areas that need improvement in Beta #3 (and the looming Early Access phase).

Beta #2 introduced Flash Knockdown, which we all appreciated a lot, especially since it included heavy hitters like Deontay Wilder.

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