Spacestation Gaming take down world champions TSM to secure Six Invitational 2023 place — SiegeGG

After beating TSM in today’s NA Closed Qualifier, Spacestation Gaming have secured their place at the Six Invitational 2023.

The 2020 world champions have therefore ensured that TSM will not be able to defend their crown in Montreal, Canada next month after TSM wins in 2022.

Spacestation battled the North American qualifier en route to the 2020 title, similar to how TSM won the title in 2022. The win is also his 11th straight qualifying victory, a record for Spacestation’s Dylan “Bosco” Bosco.

This year, Spacestation got off to a decent start by finishing 5th in NAL, just missing out on the Charlotte Major by a narrow margin to eventual champions DarkZero Esports. They then fell to a disappointing 9th place in Stage 2 amid internal issues and were eliminated in the lower bracket finals of Gamers8’s group stage while trying out new player Lorenzo “Dexter” Albiero.

After a last-minute turn about the decision to sign Dexter, things finally started to click for them. jumped to 3rd place.

Spacestation, disappointingly eliminated in the group stage of the Jönköping Major, turned down world champions TSM to claim their second title in Montreal next month.

They pulled off an impressive lower bracket making it through the closed qualifiers. First, they lost 1-2 to Tier 2 amateur team Reality TV in the upper bracket semifinals. Spacestation, currently in the lower bracket, defeated Mirage 2-1 to take revenge in a 2-0 fashion on Reality TV and set up a grand finals clash with TSM.

Spacesation proved their worth as Bosco won their 11th qualifier and lived up to their ‘Qualifier King’ title, defeating TSM 2-1 to advance to their 7th Six Invitational.

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