Snap up a Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor for less than $150


The holiday season may be over for now, but as we enter 2023, US retailers are seizing the opportunity to clear excess inventory, leading to some big tech bargains.

For example, at the Samsung outlet, the tech giant is offering a 24-inch version of the Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor at a 40% discount. Normally a monitor would cost him just under $250, but now he can take advantage of a $100 discount.

The Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor has a curvature of 1800R for a more immersive gaming experience and easier on the eyes for long hours of use. You can expect refresh rates up to 144Hz and the monitor is compatible with AMD Freesync.

At 24 inches, this model is perfect for small home offices, arcades, and bedrooms.

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If this monitor is too small for your liking, the outlet also includes discounts on larger versions up to 55 inches, as well as various resolutions such as Full HD, QHD, and 4K.

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40% off while supplies last. Save an extra $29 on this gaming monitor by subscribing to the Samsung Offers Program.

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