Skylightz Gaming releases their PUBG New State lineup 

On February 1, 2023, Skylightz Gaming said goodbye to the PUBG New State Mobile roster after placing sixth in the Snapdragon Pro Series. Through social media channels, the organization thanked the team for their hard work and dedication and thanked them for the shared memories and experiences.

They further stated that their journey isn’t over on this scene, and encourage fans to stay tuned for future updates. It is suggested that

Skylightz Gaming bids farewell to PUBG New State roster after 3 months

The organization signed the roster in November 2022. Since then, the side has achieved mixed results both at highs and lows. A team that got off to a good start in smaller events saw him place second in the BloodThirst New State event.

However, the team’s performance dipped at the TEC PUBG New State Mobile Open, struggling against strong opponents and finishing 9th on the overall scoreboard. The LAN event was won by his Team S8UL, with Enigma and Gods Reign taking 2nd and his 3rd place.

Going into the Snapdragon Invitational, the team lost confidence and looked out of place. Folding in 13th place, they looked demoralized and in his nine games played he scored only 46 points. Team XO emerged as the winners of this event.

Meanwhile, Skylightz Gaming dominated the Nostra Gaming Week event, dominating their competitors. Team XSpark finished runners-up and Hector won his MVP title.

Skylightz performed decently at the very important Rs 100 crore LAN event, PUBG New State Pro Series, which ended on 29th November 2022. Among them, they finished in 6th place, which was a big achievement in the competition.

The main reason for the roster’s departure from Skylightz Gaming could be attributed to their inconsistent performances across multiple tournaments. Their new home will be an interesting topic for PUBG New State fans and analysts alike.

Skylightz Gaming, also making new moves in Indian esports, will be looking for new talent on the new state scene and coming up with a formidable line-up. The recently concluded Pro Series saw some new talent that caught everyone’s attention.

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