San Diego tribe becomes first in state to break with California gaming oversight

For the first time, tribes in California will end state oversight of the game and instead work with the federal government to regulate its operations.

The Rincon Band, a Luiseño Indian based in northern San Diego County, came to the decision after more than two years of legal battles over how the state used funds raised from the tribes for surveillance.

The state has repeatedly refused to answer questions about how this money was spent, and subsequent audits have revealed general mismanagement of how the state regulates tribal gambling. rice field.

Tribal chairman Bo Mazzetti says the move is a step toward strengthening tribal sovereignty. Because they now communicate directly with the federal government on a country-by-country basis rather than through California.

“The intention was[always]to have the tribe run the gaming business,” said Mazzetti.

“What this does is basically get the state out of it and allow the tribes to work with tribal gaming boards and the federal government.”

KPBS spoke with Lauren J. Mapp, who covered the article for the San Diego Union-Tribune, and Chairman Beau Mazzetti about the decision.

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