Salt and Sacrifice- How To Farm Mages

Salt and Sacrifice is one of the best mixed genre games. This is one of the best action role-playing games launched by Ska Studios. This game is an updated version of the Salt and Sanctuary game. Both games are developed in the Dark Souls game series.

In this game you have to protect your kingdom from the attacks of wizards. You play the role of a marked Inquisitor. To save the kingdom from mages, you must eat the mages’ hearts. By default, no mages are found. You have to unlock new areas on the game map. A mage must lead his hunt to unlock new areas.

Even after you kill a mage, you get new weapons every time. So it turns out that the mage is the main character of the game and the source of his power. One of the main tasks in this game is raising a mage. This activity is important as it gives you more powerful gear.

So let’s find out why farming mages is important in the Salt and Sacrifice game and how to farm them.

Why should I feed my mages in the Salt and Sacrifice game?

When you play the role of a marked Inquisitor in the game, your primary job is to lead a mage hunt. The more you level up, the more difficult levels become. If you want to eat mage hearts, you’ll need to unlock new areas. As the difficulty increases, so does the power of the mage. The more powerful mages you kill, the more upgraded weapons and gear you get.

However, weapons and gear can be obtained by killing mages. However, the weapons you get from devouring mage hearts aren’t enough to protect the boss mage. Therefore, you need to feed mages to earn premium gear. With its upgraded equipment, you can craft awesome weapons. You can use these weapons to collect more boss images. Also, by raising a mage, you will be able to unlock difficult areas.

How to raise mages in Salt and Sacrifice?

Developing a sorcerer in Salt and Sacrifice is a vital activity that brings victory. Here’s how to grow mages in this game.

find the mage on the map

The first thing you have to do to train your mages is to place them on the game map. You’ll need to find it using Pardoner’s story. In Salt and Sacrifice, mages have a chance to spawn near the area they were first defeated. So you have to go back to that realm again. However, the game does not guide you through this task. Wizards have to look for themselves.

Involve a mage in battle

We have found the mages and we have to fight them. This step is very important. Because if you’ve already damaged a mage, you won’t see the health bar. So I don’t know how much damage it does. So you have to keep attacking so that you can finally kill them.

Track a teleporting mage

One important thing to keep in mind is that after a mage hunt, the mage gains the ability to teleport. Dealing damage to wizards teleports them anywhere. However, mages most often teleport to a location near the battle location. Therefore, it is necessary to track their teleportation. Save energy and time. You can use its footprints and white lights for directions.

After finding the mages, you will need to cut their hearts, after which you will be able to obtain the necessary materials to craft your arsenal. I have. You can also start over total levels.

magician’s minions

Mages spawn minions to attack marked Inquisitors. These sub-characters can also be farmed as they drop tools and equipment like mages.


Farming mages are one of the most important things when playing Salt and Sacrifice. This process will give you the desired crafting materials. So I hope this article has helped you understand how to grow mages in Salt and Sacrifice. !

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