Rumoured LEGO Gaming theme has a not-so-secret code name

After a period of silence, a LEGO Gaming theme could finally emerge in 2023.

According to 1414FalconFan on Instagram, the new LEGO Gaming for 2023 will be codenamed LEGO Lemon. Perhaps start with a large-scale theme.

This isn’t the first time such a theme has been rumored. Dating back to 2021, reports surfaced of his LEGO Gaming themed on the list of 76980 Titans, despite it being his LEGO Overwatch set that has yet to be released. However, there were few updates following the initial report until the new LEGO game logo was revealed.

This branding appeared on 30629 Finnius Dash, a mysterious new LEGO polybag found on’s certifications and policies page. This gave merit to rumors that a 2K LEGO football game could also be coming.

As of now, this has not been confirmed and will not be confirmed until we have confirmation from the LEGO Group. What image of the game would you like LEGO Gaming to recreate in your bricks as a theme?

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