Rumbly Razer gaming chair pillow could add Hypersense to any seat

Razer shares a nifty gaming chair add-on concept that lets you turn your existing seat into an immersive throne. This accessory looks like a regular head cushion, but actually boasts surround sound capabilities and rumbling haptics, building on the company’s existing his Hypersense series.

It goes without saying that Razer knows how to make a top contender for a gaming chair, and the high-end Enki Pro proves that fact. At this stage, it feels like the company has nailed ergonomics and comfort, but projects like the Enki Pro Hypersense suggest they’re looking to add something completely new to the mix.

We’re still waiting for Snakehead’s rumbling seat to actually hit the scene, but it looks like Razer is already considering a simpler alternative: Enter Project Carol. This is a high-tech gaming chair pillow that wirelessly enhances your regular desk furniture. A conceptual accessory pack packs features like Hypersense haptics and his 7.1 surround sound into a moderately sized cushion, and 2.4 GHz wireless serves as an effective way to cut cords perfectly.

All of Razer’s sample images and its demo at CES 2023 show the Project Carol hooked up to the Enki Pro, but it’s designed to snag “all major brands of gaming chairs.” Naturally, if your neck rests on the back (dining chair users), you’ll also fit a cheaper, brighter seat.

It’s worth reiterating that Project Carroll is purely conceptual at this stage and may never come to fruition. That said, it’s easy to see why Razer would like to share this idea. Because it will allow a wide variety of gamers to experience the benefits of haptics without having to splurge on an expensive chair or switch headsets to his Kraken V3 Hypersense.

We look forward to seeing Project Carol become a real product. I plan to try the Razer Enki Pro Hypersense next. We don’t have a release date for the haptic gaming chair yet, but hopefully we’ll be able to share our judgment when it finally hits the market.

In the meantime, read our review of the Razer Enki Pro. This is a premium gaming chair that embodies comfort, ergonomics, and style.

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