ROG Raikiri Pro with built-in customizable OLED screen expands gaming HUD for more options

Asus wowed enthusiasts at this year’s CES with an officially licensed Xbox gaming controller. The controller has a dedicated his 1.3-inch mini OLED display that can show custom animations, display your favorite wallpaper, microphone status, battery status, or active controller profile.

The 128×40 resolution screen is positioned where the Xbox home button is. Called the ROG Raikiri Pro, this controller is named after Naruto’s special attack.

Designer: Asus

Raikiri Pro is the first ever Xbox licensed controller with tri-mode connectivity with Bluetooth, low-latency 2.4GHz RF mode, and wired USB-C. The controller is perfect for PC connectivity with all the pro features it offers. The PlayStation 5 is left high and dry for now, as Asus has officially stated that the controller is only compatible with Xbox Series X/S consoles. There are four rear buttons, left and right. These buttons also act as hotkeys for game commands and even allow you to adjust game sensitivity.

Asus gives gamers the option to switch profiles in-game using the top two buttons. Get even more customization with four programmable rear buttons, a circular directional pad, and optional trigger locks beyond the known Xbox layout. Button remapping, joystick sensitivity, dead zones and trigger modes can also be customized using the Asus Armory Crate PC app. For even more gaming immersion, the controller has his ESS DAC built-in, allowing premium sound to be played through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

No pricing has been announced for the Raikiri Pro Xbox controller at this time, but one thing is certain: it will demand a slightly higher price than the usual options. Sadly, there’s no word on the availability of the compelling controller either, but common sense suggests a Q1 release may be imminent.

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