Real Magic Beyond Harry Potter

Real magic beyond Harry Potter

Harry Potter has been in the news lately with the release of the seventh Harry Potter book and fifth Harry Potter movie. It’s no coincidence that it was released a week before .

It turned out to be a huge success, driving all Harry Potter fans into a frenzy!
There is even much controversy from fundamentalist Christian groups over the fact that these books and movies promote witchcraft and witchcraft.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Harry Potter series does not do enough to promote witchcraft and magic. It is fiction after all, and the aspect of using magic is portrayed very dramatically compared to actual magic and the results of magic.

However, the concern is well established as many of these Harry Potter fans are searching for the true form of the use of magic. I think this is great because it’s not the truth.

True witches and sorcerers of our time are people who generally embrace multiculturalism and seek to learn answers to spiritual questions wherever answers can be found. These days, there are also many New Age Spiritualists to learn, who are skilled in witchcraft, yoga, meditation, and psychology.

Outside of the Harry Potter movement, there is a growing tendency to look to the so-called “Law of Attraction” for clues. If you understand and apply this “Law of Attraction” correctly, it is truly magical.

The absolute closest thing to Harry Potter-esque magic in the real world is psychic abilities. Psychics exist all over the world and are known to be a skill that anyone can acquire if they study diligently. Yes, you are a psychic too, but you may not be using your psychic abilities yet.

Many of today’s psychics are found practicing various forms of meditation, yoga, shamanism, and other types of pagan religions.

I am glad that the wisdom of paganism and other religions has been revived. I believe that in the future there will be an amalgamated hybrid understanding of how the world works, and with the understanding contributed by each world’s culture, humans will have a greater ability to harness their psychic abilities.

It is my hope that all Harry Potter fans seek to develop magical abilities and in doing so, help change the world for the better with their newfound powers. decided to celebrate the seven Harry Potter books. We also encourage Harry Potter fans to continue their quest for knowledge, wisdom and magic beyond fiction.

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