Razer Nari gaming headset just dropped to only $35


Looking to buy something so a new gamer (or your kid) can keep playing Fortnite with friends? The Razer Nari Wireless Headset typically retails for $100, but the price is $35 Unreal Deal. this is best deal we’ve seen So far with this headset.

With up to 16 hours of wireless battery life, this lightweight headset has solid battery life for kids and teens playing most types of game consoles. Offering compatibility with PS5, PS4 and PC consoles, you can enjoy this headset on several different devices in your home.

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We provide a flip mic that uses a mute button in case your child needs to pause to respond outside the game for any reason. In addition to the mute button, the headset also features a volume wheel so your child can make sure they are enjoying her THX spatial audio built into the headset.

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A word of caution, this will ship in a few months due to demand and won’t be in time for Christmas. That being said, this unreal deal is worth the wait. ADD TO CART NOW take advantage of This $35 Sale as soon as.

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