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RACMDX Da Hood Script is the latest Da Hood Script Mod and it’s very good. All chores in the hood can be completed automatically and you can turn into a super saiyan by enabling flying and god modes with this da hood mod script. If you’re looking for free money and auto farming features, you can find all his active Roblox Da Hood scripts on this page. Getting a working Roblox Da Hood script is one thing. Understanding how to use it is quite another. Therefore, we will also explain how to run game scripts.

What features does the Racmdx Da Hood Script have?

The tool that allows the user to modify the in-game GUI is called the Da Hood Script GUI mod. Aimlock, ESP Mod, Auto Drop, Target People, Collect Items, Easy Run, Auto Buy, and Teleport are some of the Da Hood Script GUI mod features.

  • ESP mod: A mod that a player does not have to equip to use ESP.
  • Aim Lock: Allows players to set and forget aim without manual adjustments.
  • Target People: After locking onto a target, automatically fire your weapon at the target.
  • Auto Drop: Automatically destroys objects collected by the player.
  • Easy to execute: One script does all the work, so you don’t need a separate script for each.
  • Item Collection: Acquire all items that a specific type of monster or NPC within your field of vision has to offer.
  • There’s also God Mode, Auto-Purchase, and Teleport.

Updated Racmdx Da Hood script

god mode


collect items

local library = loadstring(game:HttpGet(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zekgt/LuaScripts/main/UI_Libraries/Wally/library.lua”))()

local window = library:CreateWindow(“da hood”)

local f1 = window:CreateFolder(“h***556”)

localitemPath = game.Workspace.Ignored.ItemsDrop

localcf = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart

f1:Button(“Collect feces”, function()

fori,v inpair(itemPath:GetChildren()) do

ifv.Name == “part” then

cf.CFrame = v.CFrame





Auto Farm, Aimlock, God Mode


Silent Aim & Aimlock

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EliasAtto1/BeamedWare/main/BeamedWare”, true))()

money and autofarm


Vanice #6666

game:Load(assert(loadstring(“loadstring(game:HttpGet([[https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Vanis252/valiantdhxd/main/.gitignore]], POV_Valiant_On_Top)))

How should the Racmdx Da Hood script run?

Grab a trusted, virus-free Roblox exploit and/or script executor like Krnl, Synapse, JJSPloit and launch it in the world of Da Hood. Then paste one of the scripts provided into the box provided,[実行/挿入]Click and repeat as needed.

Scripts may stop working when game updates occur. If so, let us know in the comments. After confirming that the latest script works, you can add it to this guide.


We hope you find these scripts useful and fun before game developers change them and end support for them. Following each game update, we’ll let you know the latest scripts. The script executor is very intuitive, but the first time is more difficult than usual, so feel free to ask any questions.

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