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Looking at a video game release schedule at the beginning of the year and trying to derive some predictions or predictions from it is always volatile. Titles shifted, canceled, and the vision the developer pitched us four years ago at his E3 turned out to be somewhat ambitious. Most people I know at game studios say the project is only completed in his last two months of development. So in many cases, design documents, game engines, and many other things will be a struggle for at least two years. of motion-capture footage. But it’s interesting to see what January promises and spot some trends.

So here we go.

2022 was a little quieter EPIC OPEN WORLD ADVENTURE – perhaps due to routines that collapsed during lockdown – things promise to pick up again in 2023. There is. many The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Fire Emblem Engage, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and Stalker 2: Hearts of Chernobyl have produced sequels and series sequels that have used their brand recognition to expand the genre. I hope it will move you forward. The familiar structure of the overarching narrative combined with side quests and fetch tasks really needs a kick up in the skill tree.

Epic…The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Photo: Nintendo

It’s good to see original titles in this genre. Starfield, of course, is the big one, his new sci-fi odyssey from Bethesda’s Todd Howard, who helped create The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. There’s also the new RPG Forspoken, part of the Final Fantasy XV team, and Wild Hearts, EA’s big fantasy monster-hunting romp. Ubisoft’s long-awaited pirate adventure Skull and Bones should also be interesting, given how enjoyable the sailor section of Assassin’s Creed IV was. increase. Big publishers will issue ambitious and expensive original IP only if they believe they have a customer base.

about that matter reboot and remake Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Dead Space are leading the way and will be a big part of 2023. This indicates a maturing industry and consumer base. Today’s generation of gamers doesn’t necessarily want new experiences. Hoping to remaster youth favorites and repackage them into an engaging and technologically advanced format, we can imagine his Criterion Collection of sorts in the near future, equivalent to games. A classic title carefully remastered, packaged in a beautiful box and supplemented with an art booklet, interviews, a mini documentary and more. the game is running.

one interesting thing that is Seeing continues Breakdown of traditional genre divisionsNightingale is a shared-world survival game that blends the DayZ concept with a Dishonored-style Victorian adventure setting. Atomic Heart, on the other hand, promises a mix of first-person shooter and role-playing mechanics in an alternate 1950s Russia. Elsewhere, Manor Lords promises to combine real-time strategy with city-building simulation as you establish your own civilization in a muddy, authentically medieval Europe. Pacific Drive is a promising supernatural car driving survival game. It’s also great that Inazuma Eleven, the excellent Level 5 soccer role-playing game, is back and subtitled Victory Lord of Heroes.

slitter head.
Slitterhead is a new horror game from Silent Hill creator Keiichi Toyama. Photo: YouTube

horror 2023 will be big: Perhaps it’s akin to movies with a surge of gore and terror in times of global unrest and recession (hence all the giant monster movies irradiated during the Cold War and the recession’s Zombie movies – Alan Wake, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame have all resurfaced, but what’s more interesting to me is Slitterhead, the new film from Silent Hill creator Keiichi Tomiyama and Retro. The trend of mining horror movies as games (see Friday the 13th, Evil Dead, Ghostbusters, etc.) continues this year with Sumo’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Killer Clown from Outer Space.

i think you will see a lot new co-op game, thanks to the popularity of Escape from Tarkov and more recently Call of Duty’s DMZ mode. Redfall is his one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Arkane’s squad-based vampire blaster? What do you not like? Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, post-apocalyptic base-building game Derelicts, and real-time strategy spin-off Minecraft Legends are all worth watching for fans of co-adventures.

Redfall, one of the new co-op games of the year.
Redfall, one of the new co-op games of the year. Photo: Bethesda

I’m pretty optimistic about this year’s release. Megadrive vs. SNES battle during the 1991 recession. The explosion of indie games amid the economic crash of 2008. Even in an age of soaring retail prices, video games are still relatively worthwhile, giving you weeks of escapist pleasure in the dark. A year full of is something to be grateful for. So let’s be optimistic. Keep playing.

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what to play

long dark
long dark. Photo: Hinterland Studios

I decided to lean forward in the dark January, so let’s go long dark, is an interesting and poignant survival game. Your goal is to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic winter landscape. Your enemies are not mad gangs of zombies and marauders, but brutal environments, freezing cold and dysentery. It’s a true sandbox game, offering tools for survival, but few hints on how to use them. Please do your best.

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Approximate play time: 20+ hours to infinity

question block

Psi-5 Trading Company.
Space trading game Psi-5 Trading Company. Photo: Accolade/Ziggurat/Steam

This query was submitted by Tom Sheen via Twitter.

“I have fond memories of the Cambrian period. Explosive British microcomputer game era. Which evolutionary dead-end game from that era would be interesting to draw now?”

I like this question because it gives me direct access to being able to recall my field of expertise, the 1980s. I would love to see a modern day developer tackle the once popular concept of inertia-driven arcade adventures.with titles such as spin daisy, inertia When marble madness, Battled the physics to place the ball around the 3D landscape. I had to think carefully about space, speed and direction. I think Super Monkey Ball is the closest modern successor. Also a game based almost entirely on trading: eliteof course, and Psi-5 Trading Company When muleI loved how they explored the barbaric nature of the barter economy. They tested a very different skill set than action games and adventures. Trading should make a big comeback, especially in multiplayer survival games.

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