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The world’s first community-driven gaming hardware creator, Cloth,Announced Spectrum ES07E2D, a new 27-inch QHD OLED panel gaming monitor coming in 2023. This groundbreaking display builds on the foundation laid by Dough’s crowd-developed Spectrum lineup, leveraging his gaming-grade 240Hz OLED panel developed by LG Display to deliver top-notch It’s the first OLED monitor truly built for gaming.

The Dough Spectrum ES07E2D features an adaptive refresh rate of up to 240Hz and individually lit pixels, along with a sub-1ms response time for smooth animations without disturbing tearing or stutter. OLED is already one of the fastest technologies on the market. Dough focused on reducing display lag as much as possible to give users the best competitive gaming experience.

No blooming, deep blacks, and infinite contrast ratios are the core of OLED technology. The shiny coating on the fabric takes it to the next level. Some manufacturers fix their OLED panels behind frosted polarizers to reduce reflections, but the Dough community believes that reducing reflections isn’t worth the loss of black levels, sharp details, and vibrant colors. made it clear that

Those interested in upgrading their PC screen with the new Spectrum ES07E2D monitor can pre-order early at a discounted rate. If you know you’ll get this, register now on her website for Dough and save hundreds of dollars on official purchases. You can also check out our page for more monitor specs and comparisons.

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