Poll: Are achievements and trophies bad for gaming?

Achievements have been a staple in gaming since the late 2000s. Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox have sections dedicated to tracking and showcasing trophies earned.

However, developer Fredrik Thylander says he doesn’t think achievements are good for the game. Gameplay for Ubisoft Massive His designer, Thylander, previously designed the achievement for Mirror’s Edge.

upon twitterhe posted:

In a discussion with another user, he further explained his thoughts. “I think games are better suited to have their own reward structures as part of their design and philosophy,” he says. Saidcriticized thatuniform order

Certainly there are cases to argue on both sides of this argument. Collecting achievements can be tedious or downright tedious. It may also encourage you to explore the game or challenge yourself by playing in a different way than usual. And I love the pop-ups in the corners that let me know that the game recognized that I did a certain thing, even though I didn’t think there was anything noteworthy!

So what do you think: are achievements and trophies bad for the game?

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