Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Releases Limited Time Holiday Mystery Gift

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Players can now get a brand new Mystery Gift in the Nintendo Switch game. The Pokémon Company seems to be in a festive mood, as players can use the code “HAPPYH0L1DAYS” to receive gifts. This gift also fits in with the winter theme, as the player will receive 50 Ice Stella his shards!These shards can be used in-game to change the Pokemon Terra his type to Ice . This will be of great help to players who may be struggling to type his match with Dragon his user. The giveaway will end on December 25th at 23:59 UTC, so players will want to participate as soon as possible!

Terratype is a new addition to the series that debuted on Pokemon Scarlet VioletOnce the user’s Terra Orb is charged, they can change Pokémon types in battle. The default Terra type for most Pokémon in the game is the primary type. For example, Scyther is both Bug and Flying type, but most of his Scythers found in the wild are simply Bug Tera type. In other words, when performing Terastallizing, Scyther sheds all weaknesses associated with flying types (electric, etc.). It also gives a strength boost to some of the weaker moves in the game.

For those who have never used the mystery gift option, it’s actually pretty easy. Players can access the Mystery Gift option from the “Poke Portal” in the game’s main her menu. This is the last option on the Poke Portal screen. Once a player has obtained 50 of his shards of any type of Terra, they can be brought into the Medalli’s Treasure his Eatery, where a battle with Jim his leader Larry takes place. There are many strategies for choosing the right Terra type, so players are advised to think carefully before deciding.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet is only available on Nintendo Switch. Readers can check out all previous coverage of the game here.

did you get a copy of pokemon scarlet Also violet for the holidays? Are you planning to redeem this mystery gift? Let us know in the comments, or share your thoughts directly on Twitter or Hive. @Marcdachamp I will tell you all about the game!

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