None left standing: SK Gaming convincingly take down final undefeated team in LEC Winter Split

The LEC Winter Split will have no unbeaten teams in contention after SK Gaming handed Team Vitality their first loss of the split. Just 24 hours ago, SK did the same to their winning streak G2.

Vitality headed into the match against SK in a unique draft that relied on scaling, but early game offense and ganking from Markoon didn’t give them a chance to execute their game plan. After securing first blood, Markoon kept the ball rolling, allowing his teammates to control their respective lanes with well-timed ganks.

This allows SK players to act more aggressively in the lane phase. This was especially effective in the mid lane. Surtus kept his Perkz in check and gave him no chance to close his gold gap between teams. Another commendable performance of his was his Irrelevant performance at the top of his lane. His Renekton was pivotal in the fight for objective and was a key factor in limiting Bo and Photon attacks to he SK’s backline.

SK also took advantage of some mistakes Vitality made in the heat of the game during important team fights, allowing SK to impose more rhythm on the game. And deep vision in the enemy jungle allowed SK to easily get the first and second Baron buffs, giving SK even more map control.

Another battle in the mid lane sealed Vitality’s fate as SK took out their opponents one by one and quickly headed for the Nexus. SK will face the current LEC champions his KOI in tomorrow’s official match. Defeating them will further strengthen his SK status as the Kingslayer of the Split.

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