New study suggests running helps your gaming

Have you ever wondered why games keep getting in the way of your running? Is it because you’re good at running? Japanese sports brand Asics has launched a physical training program inviting his 77 competitive gamers from around the world who specialize in cognitively dependent games such as chess, poker and esports. They found amazing results.

The study was conducted over a period of 4 months with 77 study subjects following a training program designed by an international runner-turned-coach. Andrew Custer (Olympic medalist husband Deena Custer) included 150 minutes of medium impact strength and run-based training per week.

Renowned Mind and Movement Researcher Brendon Stubbs Researchers at King’s College London led the experiment, which measured participants’ mental improvement based on their performance on brain games, cognitive tests and health questionnaires during the study period.

After a few months, Stubbs found that previously inactive gamers had improved cognitive function, happiness, and gaming performance. “Results show significant improvements in cognitive function, including concentration levels and problem-solving abilities,” Stubbs reports.

  • 75% increase in participants’ international game ratings
  • Mental gamers had an average of 10% better cognitive function, 9% better problem-solving, 12% better short-term memory, and 10% better processing speed and attention.
  • Confidence increased by 44%.
  • Focus increased by 33% and anxiety levels plummeted by 43%
  • Significant improvement in player mental state, with an average mental state score increase of 31%

We all know that running is good for our physical and mental health, but its impact on information acquisition has been largely unexplored. ) was to examine the effect on

“Running stimulates the growth of cells in the brain and rapidly increases blood flow to the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, which allows memory retention, information processing and problem solving faster. “If running could significantly improve the mental performance of professional mind gamers, imagine what it would do to us.”

Inspired by this experiment, a camera crew tracked four out of 77 competitive gamers exercising regularly to improve their (game) rankings.

a documentary called Mind Game: Experimentspecializes in chess, mahjong, poker and esports and chronicles the journey of four gamers competing in professional tournaments around the world. The documentary is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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