New Microsoft Patent Has Xbox Series X Fans Worried About the Future

A new Microsoft patent has left some Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners concerned about the future of gaming on both Xbox consoles. The patent in question is called “Providing Personalized Content for a Non-intrusive Online Gaming Experience.” What is “personalized content”? Well, in this case we mean advertising. Yes, Microsoft has been looking for ways to serve personalized ads in games.

We don’t know how exactly the data is collected to provide this experience, or how it works in games where ad placement is seemingly impossible. I haven’t gone into too much detail about it, but I’ve given a few examples, such as billboards for driving games and advertising boards lining a soccer field.You can imagine it in games like GTA6 This could be achieved through signage in the aisles or through clothing in the game. elder ring However, it is not very clear.

“Methods for providing content to the user during gameplay include determining that the user is interacting with a game provided by an online streaming provider, and determining if the user’s interaction with the game falls below a threshold. This includes specifying the expected in-game timeframes for the number of interactions,” and reads the patent abstract. “This method involves identifying locations in the game environment for overlaying content during the timeframe and identifying content to display to the user. Displayed via an overlay video stream: The user’s gameplay, the overlay video stream is sent for display to the user at the same time as the gameplay stream, and is displayed to the user at an identified location for at least a portion of the timeframe. provide content to

It’s important to note that there are no guarantees that anything will ever happen.Companies like Microsoft file patents all the time, many of which go nowhere beyond the conceptual stage. At the same time, though, this future seems inevitable as many other companies are exploring similar technology.

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