My night in a ‘gaming suite’ forced me to reckon with the time I spend playing video games

Some of my best gaming memories are behind the back of my parents’ car on long road trips, sequestered in a spare room filled with junk from the oldest TV in the house, or hanging out with friends as a little student. Sure, you could spend £1,500 a night to transfer those memories to a luxury hotel room, but would that setting make those memories better? I do not think so.

In fact, you could buy a top-of-the-line Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch for that money, and still have plenty of spare change to spend on games. Or his 65-inch TV at home. Or four high-end gaming chairs.

During my stay, I kept thinking, “Who is this for?” A world class gamer or his Twitch streamer tends to have his own highly customized setup at home. Do they really need all these gadgets and gizmos in their hotel room? I would like to rest for the night.

Unfortunately, the only answer I could come up with was that this room was for children of parents who had long given up exposing them to the outside world. “Timmy, we took you on the trip of a lifetime to London, but when we try to take you to museums and West End shows, you make our lives miserable. So stay here and play your game while we experience the city,” I imagined my absent-minded mother saying.

On the way back I asked at reception if the suite was hit so far. “Oh, absolutely,” the concierge told me. “We are fully booked for weeks.”

After a few nights I kept playing witcher in my little flat. Despite the lack of a mushroom smoothie, his PC projecting the Northern Lights, or a fancy gaming chair, I was enamored with the screen in front of me. So when my mind returned to the gorgeous surroundings of the game suite, I realized I had made a mistake. Perhaps you missed the virtual tree forest. You can enjoy the game at home. I should have spent less time on my Xbox and more time relaxing in my giant bathtub…

Gaming Suites at W Hotel London are available for booking until April 2022. The price is £1,500 per night.

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