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There are plenty of sci-fi out there, including TV series, movies, web novels, books, and everything a fan of the genre can think of. It’s also very common for gamers to be his sci-fi fans, and if a movie combines his sci-fi elements with his love of gaming, it has the opportunity to quickly become a classic.

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Some of the movies about games are, surprisingly, quite old, but there are plenty of new ones that will squeak at your CGI badness for your audience. This decade and his decade before that.

Gameran video of the day

8/8 Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

Featuring one of cinema’s most beloved bands, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world It’s a movie that has garnered a hugely devoted fandom, and for good reason.

The main character is a lovable young man who tries to win the heart of a girl in love. But to do that, he has to defeat her seven exes. It may sound like a metaphorical victory, but the film takes it very literally, making the hero the hero of the game and the exes the evil bosses that must be defeated.

7/8 war games

war game movies

There are many war games out there that gamers of all styles can play, but this is just one of them. war gamesmade in 1983.

Video games weren’t as popular as they are today, but they were so popular that the screenwriters of this film wondered what would happen if a young hacker accidentally accessed a US military supercomputer and played the most dangerous simulation game. There was Against the Soviets that could lead to World War III.

6/8 Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph Movie

Wreck-it Ralph When it was released in 2012, it quickly became a popular anime, and its popularity is still alive today. Fans who love anti-hero themes in movies couldn’t help but fall in love with this theme.

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Wreck-It Ralph is a villain in a platformer game, but he is unhappy with his role and wants to change roles and become a hero. In his quest to win a medal, he accidentally causes havoc, but with the help of “Glitch” he has a chance to save the day and become who he really wants to be.

5/8 ready player one

Ready Player Onemovie

Until the former rock star producer makes something called “Real Life Ready Player One,” fans will have to make do with the original film.

In 2045, OASIS, a virtual reality simulation, is an accepted and hugely popular way to escape the real world and its problems. But when the creator dies, it leaves the finder not only with amazing fortune, but also clues to an Easter egg that will completely rule the world of OASIS. Many people want it because of the power it can create – and not all of them are good people.

4/8 free guy

free guy movies

looking forward to free guy 2fans can rewatch the first video free guy Watch the movie and marvel at its cleverness and fun. NPCs were once the characters everyone ignored in games, but in the last few years, non-playable characters have made their own comeback in games, YouTube comedy videos, and even Hollywood blockbusters. .

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A bank teller meets a woman who tells her she is an NPC. He decides to become a hero instead and tries to save the world from the evil one who wants to destroy it.

3/8 Tron

Tron 1982 movie

Tron Coming in 1982, when the sci-fi genre was blooming like never before, it left its own mark on the history of science fiction and adventure cinema.of Tron, it wasn’t just the story that wowed viewers. How writer-director Risberger chose to portray his gaming addiction in the video, his first use of CGI at scale, and the incredible performances by the actors are the elements that made this film a classic. is part of

In the film, a hacker is transported to a software world and forced to play a dangerous game in an attempt to find a way to escape.

2/8 Jumanji/Welcome to the Jungle

jumanji welcome to the jungle movie

the truth is Jumanji Rumors of a reboot began circulating, and everyone expected the movie to be a disaster. Who can recreate an unforgettable story and great performances? Jumanji/Welcome to the Jungle I managed to do it, and it worked very well.

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The premise is almost the same. Four teenagers become addicted to a video game and acquire hero identities. The only way to escape is to finish the game and kill all the bad guys. The graphics, humor, and clever cast made this reboot a must-see, especially for fans of the original film.

1/8 pixel

pixel movie

This sci-fi comedy movie didn’t win over audiences in the way its producers hoped, but it still did, mainly due to its amazing premise and the legions of fans who love pixel art games.

Aliens are attacking Earth, but instead of looking like aliens, they misinterpret video feeds from classic arcade games. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and many others are the primary enemies, and only a strange small group of former arcade champions can stop them and save the world.

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